What Successful Fashion Designers Share in Common

Many people attend fashion design school, or start working at a fashion house with the aspirations of one day becoming a well-known fashion designer name such as Michael Kors or Jimmy Choo. While it takes talent, hard work and dedication to succeed as it takes with any other profession, there are still some other common traits that successful fashion designers possess and a pattern of traits start to arise. Let’s look at a few of the traits that successful designers seem to share in common.

The Possess an Attention to Detail – This one might come as an obvious trait, but most, if not all successful designers have a nearly obsessive attention to detail. They take every element of their designs into careful consideration,from the materials they use, the photography concepts, the subtle differences in color as well as various cuts in pattern. They are driven by creating something truly eye-catching from all these small details combined.

Successful Fashion Designers Share in Common

They are not driven by trends – Up-and -coming fashion designers are aware of current and future fashion trends. They stay informed about what colors and themes will dominate the streets as well as the catwalk, but they don’t create their pieces based on them. Successful fashion designers generally don’t let current popular fashion govern their design ideas;they’re going to tell their story regardless of circumstances.

They Have A Muse – Similar to a painter who’s about to create a work of art, successful fashion designers have been known to envision the person who will be wearing their work before they design the clothes. Many times, designers can imagine this person wearing their clothes in different capacities such as out to dinner or at work. Using this sort of visualization process allowsfashion designers to create “wearable” clothing that people will want to buy.

Successful Fashion Designers

They’re not driven by Recognition – While recognition, accolades and even fame can be a great by-product of a successful fashion designers career, they are notdriven by these rewards. Fashion designers are inherently different and often more passionate than the average person. They see the world through a fashion lens that others can’t and want to bring that to life. For most successful fashion designers, the recognition is a bonus, not an end in of itself.


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