The Latest Fashion Jewelry Trends – Are You Aware Of Them?

Wondering about which jewelry items are currently in fashion, so that you can buy them? Read through the following article, and update your collection accordingly.

Classy jewelry items can serve as the ideal accessories to really add some ‘dazzle’ to your overall appearance. Just like any other fashion concepts, jewelry trends are also evolving constantly – and you need to keep track of such changes, to appear at your stylish and sophisticated best. In the following article, we will be discussing about some of the latest fashion jewelry trends, which are rapidly climbing the popularity charts all over the world:

Latest Fashion Jewelry Trends

  • Studs are out, drop earrings are in – If the glamourous stars at the Gloden Globe awards night last year are anything to go by, it’s time to bid goodbye to those cute little ear-studs. Get a few pairs of drop earrings instead, in your favorite colors, and with the precious/semi-precious stones of your choice. If you are planning to don any flowing dress (a gown, or a long skirt), these earrings can be your perfect style accessory.
  • Pendants are finding increasing favor – Replace those old-fashioned, and rather heavy necklaces, with cool and chic pendants. Apart from the local jewelry stores, you will also find a large variety of such glittering pendants at many websites which offer outfits and dresses online. Both silver as well as gold pendants have charms of their own, and you can also go for the ones with precious gems on them.
  • Think pearls, big ones – Large-sized pearl cuffs and rings feature prominently in the fashion jewelry trends, in the present-day world. Apart from the pristine white variety, you can also team up your dress with pearls in cream color, or similar other soft shades. Pearls represent rich taste, and onlookers would surely appreciate you!
  • Make brooches a part of your style statement – Right from those in regular pin-like designs, to the ones in floral patterns – the range of brooches that are available in the markets is pretty impressive. You can put them on your jacket, designer shirt, or even blouse – and bring your fashionable side to the fore.
  • Neon jewelry are shining brightly – If you are stepping out for a party, why not add some spark to your overall get-up, by putting on the bright and beautifully designed neon jewelry items? Bead necklaces, chains, bracelets and earrings are some of the most common types of neon jewelry, while those with rhinestones enjoy considerable favor as well.
  • Turn on some Victorian magic – Retro is back in fashion, and the rapidly increasing sales figures of mesmerizing Victorian jewelry bear testimony to this fact. The exquisite carvings and artistry of these bejewelled necklaces and ear-pieces would surely capture your imagination – and go well with your more traditional outfits. Buy dresses online, pair them with matching Victorian jewelry – and become quite the head-turner!
  • Estate jewelry is back again – If you are all for lending an old-world charm to your outfit, putting on estate jewelry accessories can be your best bet! You can wear them at marriage ceremonies, and all other types of social gatherings. Estate jewelry are not particularly inexpensive – but they are the flavor of the season, and their glitter indeed offers fair value-for-money.
  • Do you like amber jewelry? – Your response to this query might be positive or otherwise – but there’s no doubting the fact that amber is steadily becoming more and more popular among the fashion-conscious members of the fairer sex. The best thing about amber jewelry pieces is their understated, yet elegant style – and they beautifully blend in with practically all types of outfits.
  • Shine bright with carbochons – Spring is in, casual dresses are what you will be wearing – so why not opt for fashion jewelry that would suit the mood? The competitively-priced carbochon jewelry items are charming to the core, and they come with various aesthetically pleasing design motifs as well. Select carbochons with gemstones of your choice on them. Good jewelry need not always cost a fortune!
  • Shop for emerald jewewlry – Diamonds are still a lady’s best friend – but emeralds have emerged as a pretty close second. Determine the emerald color of your choice, and look for fashion jewelry pieces (pendants, earrings, rings, brooches, etc.), which have that gemstone. The apreciative male gaze and the slightly envious female ones – you’ll love them all!
  • How about a hint of eye-jewelry? – Don’t rely on heavy eye-shadows and liners to enhance your facial beauty. Instead, try out some of the new-age eye jewelry items that have recently hit the markets. Eybrow-rings and light jeweled pieces fore the lashes are two options that you can definitely consider trying. Make sure that you take adequate care while putting on such eye-jewelry though.
  • Glitzy hair jewelry to boost your fashion-quotient – Is your hair long, strong and healthy enough? If yes, why don’t you put on some hair jewelry items as well? Carefully put on bead /pearl chains on select strands of hair. For prom night celebrations and weddings, tiaras also work like a dream.


Beautiful costume jewelry is also making its mark as one of the more-favored type of common fashionable jewelry varieties. If you are buying dresses online, make it a point to look for the above jewelry items too. Matching, trendy jewelry can easily make you look all the more fetching!


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