5 Spectacular Ways To Wear A Watch With Style

You’ve got just recently purchased a brand new high-end watch. Cheers!! Discovering this watch took long hours of stressing and studying before you were competent to determine with this unique watch. What’s the following step? Why revealing it away of course!

That makes it an overwhelming procedure for a man who understands nothing about watches. Some selections must do with others, and design with function, but here are the largest decisions when choosing a wristwatch you’ll need to make here are 5 Spectacular Ways To Wear A Watch With Style 2016

Style Tip # 1

Leather Strap or Metal Band

Leather straps must fit your other leathers (generally shoes and belt) but can appear more straightforward and less ostentatious than metal.

At the maximum degrees of formality, a mere black leather band is preferable to an incredibly slick metal one. And in casual places, leather offers a relaxed attitude, looking a little more approachable than metal that is solid.

Leather Straps For Rolex Watches

Metal watch bands have the edge of neutrality.

Your metals should fit, but guys generally wear small jewellery – if you’ve got a silver-tone watch band, it’s not difficult to make sure you’re also dressed in a silver-tone belt buckle instead of gold one.

Style Tip # 2

Stick to one watch or want to have a collection

Your choices open up if you are willing to possess two or three watches. You can be glossy and understated for maximum formality; glossy and another wide for a conversation piece.

If you just need to purchase one watch, it should probably be a simple metal band and face as opposed to leather, and must be relatively limited.

Should you anticipate buying a one watch and wearing it in all conditions, it must be quite stylistically impartial – capable of pairing with any degree of formality of clothing and any colour.

Style Tip # 3

Electronic, Mechanical or Automatic movements of the watch hands

Electronic movement – They keep the most precise time so long as they can be powered, but want a battery or other supply of electricity like a solar cell on the dial.

Automatic Movement – It may also be mechanical in nature, but use the movement of the watch itself their actions. They are substantially more precise as they have often been worn or shaken to supply electricity, and don’t need winding.

men's electronic watches - Seiko Diver's watch

Mechanical Movement – They are winding of springs inside the watch and keep time via the unwinding and wound. They want regular winding (frequently done via an outside covering or knob) and can lose precision with time.

Style Tip # 4

Case and Dial flair

Most cases are plastic made to look like metal or metal, and you are going to probably need the former. Outside of utility bits or sports watches for professionals that are working, there’s little reason for a grown man to possess a plastic or rubber watch.

Men's Carrera Case and Dial flair Watch

The dial of the watch is the round, observable face which the hands move. The case is the alloy that encloses the dial and the action (mechanism) behind it.

Style Tip # 5

Rubber band in a sports watch

If you are still waiting to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon, then do not plan to do it anytime soon. Because there are tonnes of amazing sports watches that you can wear and flaunt not just in your workout space but also with your casuals.

And, the best part about these watches is they can take the beating and are lightweight due to the presence of the rubber band.

Armani: Wear Your Style On Your Wrist

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are that you’re well aware of the design phenomenon that is the Italian fashion house Armani. Having long established themselves as a household name, this brand is well known for its wide range of trendy products, not least of which are their designer watches.

Armani watches are made to suit a variety of purposes— you can don these for special occasions, with everyday corporate wear, and even for outdoor adventures. All these watches have one element in common— they are all designed to complement and enhance your personal style.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Armani watches on Ethos, their features, and how they can increase your style quotient.

Emporio Armani Meccanico Men’s Watch (AR4207)

Emporio Armani’s Meccanico range exemplifies beautiful design. Described by the brand as a “seamless blend of mechanical innovation and timeless style,” this line of watches is one that blends technical finesse with great functionality.


The watch, as its name suggests, features a self-winding mechanism— this means that the movement of your hands is what drives the watch. Such engineering brilliance isn’t all there is to this watch though; the watch also scores on aesthetics. Being an Italian brand, looks are expected, and Armani delivers on this front— the back of the watch is tastefully open to view, and this gives the watch great visual appeal.

The watch has a rectangular Art Deco dial with stainless steel casing, a stainless steel strap, and a beige textured dial. It is an indispensable accessory for the man that has an impeccable style and a taste for the classics.

Emporio Armani Classic Men’s Watch (AR2448)

This design is a must-have for any refined wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to accentuate your clean-cut corporate look or to dress casually for a party, this is the watch you need— it has a cutting edge design that is sure to appeal to all horology enthusiasts.


The watch features the simple round stainless steel dial and a stainless steel metallic strap. But the details that went into construction of the watch are what makes it so special— it has a navy blue face that gives it great aesthetic appeal, and the stainless steel strap actually contains elements of both polished steel and brushed steel.

Beyond its outward appearance, the watch also has some great functions. Along with the expected three sub-dials, the watch also has a date window. Given these features and its all-around looks, this watch is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a timepiece for all occasions.

Emporio Armani Ceramica Women’s Watch (AR1486)

Being one of the world’s top manufacturers of fashionable clothes and accessories, Emporio Armani delivers the goods in their imitable style with this model from their Ceramica range. This watch showcases the manufacturer’s penchant for impressive design, combining elegance with pragmatic features.


This design approach is showcased by its colour scheme, as the rose gold accents only highlight the stark beauty of the watch – classy, and by no means flashy. The round casing houses a stylish white face with rose gold hands and details. The rose gold crown is a graceful touch.

Emporio Armani Gianni Women’s Watch (AR1909)

This is a relatively recent addition to the Italian manufacturer’s impressive collection of watches for women. This watch epitomises the beauty and appeal of rose gold, and this colour is prevalent throughout its parts, covering both the casing and the metal strap.


Feminine and elegant, the design is one of the best examples of Armani’s work. The glossy mother of pearl dial is sure to turn heads, and it perfectly complements the aesthete of the watch.

You can couple this timepiece with formal as well as casual clothing to add a dash of metallic polish to any ensemble.

Emporio Armani Ceramica Men’s Watch (AR1492)

Even with the high standards set by the Ceramica range, this watch brings a unique element to the table. This monochrome stunner is suitable for both formal as well as casual occasions.


It features a stark white chronograph face that contrasts beautifully with the matte black metallic strap. Additionally, the watch is also water resistant for up to 50 metres.

If you’re looking for a striking watch that isn’t flashy or garish, this is the one for you.x`