Look (and feel) Cool At Work With These Tips

It is a myth when people say that look Cool At Work and feeling the same cannot go hand in hand. Probably because of men are adopting tacky techniques to show off their personality but they find it quite difficult to build their own style which is beneficial for themselves and also for their personality (for others).

And, when we talk about summers, we literally mean the real dog days of summer, the heat makes it very difficult for you to sit on your desk.

How do you think would you be able to cool down and still manage to look appealing?

By going through the points mentioned below and stop being messy this summer. Try celebrity summer style.

Fabrics are the priority

The biggest key to staying cool at your workplace is putting your hands on the right kinds of fabric. Warm weather brings forth a lot of challenges for you if you are expected to wear a suit & tie on a regular basis. Linen and cotton are the fabrics that you’d totally want to hog on for the hot months. We understand that they need a lot of care but when it comes to putting up at work with the best foot forward and feel comfortable within, no other fabric would be able to take your ship to the shore. Hence, the challenge of survival of the fittest is won by both linen and cotton. Adopt them or follow Darveys !!

Indulge in summer colors with the classics

Who said anything about pinks and yellows not being masculine? They are absolutely summary and are improvised to suit the manly needs of the modern man. Gorge on the handsome array of pastel shades that are available online for you to choose accordingly. In this hunt, do not forget to indulge in the classic colors namely, navy, gray and more. You can accent your looks by clubbing the classic browns, grays, and navy with the summer-friendly colors to pep up your look. This would certainly give you the edgy yet comfortable look on the outside.

Office Wear Mens

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Hold on tight to the brands that offer the feeling

We all that one or two brands which are hard to let to go. There are numerous for various personalities. For example, some might go crazy about the Diesel clothing, Prada or Tommy Hilfiger bags, Burberry shirts, Calvin Klein accessories and so much more. Choose what makes you feel good and hold onto the brand close to your heart because the craftsmanship put in to make you feel extraordinary will surely work for you. All you got to do is – choose carefully.

Opt for a fit that isn’t extreme

If you are someone who loves to wear loose clothes or extremely fitted ones, you need to lose them right away. We all know that tight clothes do no good to you. However, if you thought that loose ones help, you need to check again. Loose clothing article comes in between your movements and can cause rashes when constantly being in use. An appropriate fit would don’t stick close to your body or even play any hindrance while you do your thing the entire day.

Apply talcum powder and deodorant in the right spots

You might have experienced that talcum powder is quite popular in the summer months. Well, it is because that it has the capability to wick away moisture. You must not have heard that applying deodorant on the inner thighs can actually help you sweat less. You can try these two things for feeling even better on the inside and keeping yourself cool.

Happy summers!! May you look and feel cool at your workplace.

Fabulous 7 Beach Outfit Ideas For Men 2017

Good times always seem only to zoom on by. It seems like the summer has just started, yet it is already drawing to an end. Chances are, many of you have taken some time off for the summer, although some are looking forward to the winter before booking their excursions to the shining beaches to set in down south.

Whether you are considering of going to the beach that is local or on an exotic Caribbean journey, ensure all your vital beach wear is looking good.

All the beach ensembles / beach accessories for guys beach totes, including Swimwear, sunglasses, footwear, beach tops, headwear happen to be creatively fit to make a fantastic mix. Follow these hottest men remain fashionable and beachwear trend fads.

Fabulous 7 Beach Outfit Ideas For Men 2017

1. Tropical prints

Men Beaches Tropical Prints Style

You can never go wrong with the tropical prints. When we talk about the beach wear for men, then there is no “think-twice” option with tropical prints. If you love colours, then this ensemble is a perfect choice. Take the tropical print vest or t-shirt pair it with horizontal striped shorts. And, in accessory take ocean blue coloured shades and flip-flops.

2. Keep the denim and bold look

Keep the casual style in your beachwear wardrobe collection. Pair the chino style shorts in bright colour print T-shirt then wear a sleeveless denim jacket. When we talk about the accessory, add leather bracelet and loafers. Now, give your attire a punch by carrying a casual backpack.

Men's Casual Outfit for the Beach

The available styles to make your fashion statement

3. Pair up “cute” shorts with almost anything

To my absolute dismay, short pants are making quite the comeback in 2014 summer, and the finest men fashions to purchase and wear are chino shorts, cotton shorts, short shorts (specifically in tropical prints). You may want to reconsider your denim. On the POINTS side: cuff, you’ll have the ability to get away with virtually anything, and cuff, cuff lads. The perfect length is somewhat above your knees. Pockets seem fantastic.

Mens Beach Style

4. Do not ignore the “cuff.”

The best design magic trick of them THE CUFF (rolling your pants’ hem) – will save the day for any guys in any occasion. Cuffed pants seem not so much worse than un-cuffed whether it’s for office or a beach laid back design. The same can be used for short pants, T-shirts tops.

Men's Beach Fashion

5. The fabulous shirts

Obviously, they continue to be the #1 basic for any season, with an excellent focus on Hawaiian style tops & all denim. If it’s got that strong classic vibe to it & rolled up sleeves but any top can look beautiful. Critical tendency alarm: short sleeve tops are back with a couple of suggestions. Button them up all the way appearance, unless you’re reaching on the beach.

Note for healthy men – Yeah, stout men and Hawaiian shirts happen to be going nicely together for years, and that hasn’t transformed. You only need to ensure that you get one in a modern fit that does not look like it was a hand me down from the father or made by Tommy Bahama. The present selection of Stussy offers many different fabrics and fits that would not seem out of place off the shore either. This one will not look out of place on city roads either and features a dope map print. It is like getting two-for-one.

6. You cannot go wrong with Linen

Whether it is James Bond movie or another romantic chick flick, you will always find “Linen” as an integral part of men’s wardrobe in beach wear. Moreover, you do not have to think about your slender or healthy physique with linen attire.

Take the linen shorts with linen shirt of any pastel colour. Wear loafers along cool retro style shades along baseball cap.

In summers men’s favourite weekend place is the beach. Whether you happen to be on the weekend or holidays, you can nevertheless keep your fashion statement high at the beach too. So lads if you are perplexed the best way to dress up at the shore? Or the best way to make an ideal beach clothes mix that can allow you to look spectacular.

Men’s Winter Coat Style Guide

Days are becoming shorter, temperatures are falling, and the first snowfall is right around the corner.

And while it mightn’t be clunky scarf and boots weather it is time for men to put some serious thought into jackets and coats.

Any halfway decent jacket should keep you, but remaining dry, warm, and trendy concurrently is somewhat more complex. Fads, by definition, go and come. Rather than focusing on the trends of the day, we have concentrated our focus on six jacket designs that have stood the test of time.

Use the tips here to train yourself on physiology and the history of these classic jackets. Once you are content with the fundamentals, you are going to have the tools you should put money into a coat so great that the kids will be fighting it over after you are gone.

  1. The Trench Coat

The trench coat is a very long jacket that extends to the shins, is double breasted with wide lapels, and is belted at the waist. A vital feature of the trench is the numerous elements in its construction. A large port goes across the rear of the jacket to allow for more motion, and the shoulders in many cases are graced with epaulettes that are ornamental.

Men's Trench Coat 2017

Trench coats followed their origins back to World War I when they were worn in. Thomas Burberry designed trench coats.

  1. The Pea Coat

The pea coat enables the wearer to transition. Shrug it on over a T-shirt and jeans and it immediately adds a part of laid back sophistication. Wear it with a button up a pair of pants and top and it fits in seamlessly.

The pea coat is a thigh length double breasted jacket popularised by the Navy, designed to protect seamen against the biting thrill of the sea that is open. Its nautical sources have adhered, and the buttons have been engraved on by many smooth pea coats.

  1. The Car Coat

The car coat is made from thick wool and features a flat front placket over its close to protect from rain and the wind. An average car coat is thigh-length with two welt pockets and a straight collar. The kind of closing changes between buttons and a zipper, though buttons are standard.

The car coat was designed to keep motorists warm in the wind while driving open old fashioned automobiles. It’s sparse A-line cut and extended cuffs were meant to enable the full range of movement while driving.

  1. The Overcoat

The overcoat is not sophisticated in style with little ornamentation. This simplicity means that it should match nicely with most suits. Because this jacket is intended for more formal occasions, a neutral or dark colour may end up being a versatile investment. Though subtle in its styling, this classic jacket has graced most interesting characters.

Due to the fact an overcoat is meant o be worn over a regular suit, it will feature a broader reduction. Typically, a coat is built of high-quality wool materials which are designed to resist harsh weather.

  1. The Duffle Coat

This jacket typically has three to four toggles which are fastened with rope or leather loops. Its oversize hood was initially designed to permit room for a naval cap to stay on underneath. This jacket features a strap that is button able. A defining feature of the duffle coat is its tartan lining that is fuzzed. Modern variants of the coated finish at about hip length, although variations that first extend to the knee.

The duffle coat embraced its name in the tough and rough wool cloth it was initially made of the duffel. Like many jackets, its popularity is owed by the duffle coat in modern day trend to its military sources.

5 Spectacular Ways To Wear A Watch With Style

You’ve got just recently purchased a brand new high-end watch. Cheers!! Discovering this watch took long hours of stressing and studying before you were competent to determine with this unique watch. What’s the following step? Why revealing it away of course!

That makes it an overwhelming procedure for a man who understands nothing about watches. Some selections must do with others, and design with function, but here are the largest decisions when choosing a wristwatch you’ll need to make here are 5 Spectacular Ways To Wear A Watch With Style 2016

Style Tip # 1

Leather Strap or Metal Band

Leather straps must fit your other leathers (generally shoes and belt) but can appear more straightforward and less ostentatious than metal.

At the maximum degrees of formality, a mere black leather band is preferable to an incredibly slick metal one. And in casual places, leather offers a relaxed attitude, looking a little more approachable than metal that is solid.

Leather Straps For Rolex Watches

Metal watch bands have the edge of neutrality.

Your metals should fit, but guys generally wear small jewellery – if you’ve got a silver-tone watch band, it’s not difficult to make sure you’re also dressed in a silver-tone belt buckle instead of gold one.

Style Tip # 2

Stick to one watch or want to have a collection

Your choices open up if you are willing to possess two or three watches. You can be glossy and understated for maximum formality; glossy and another wide for a conversation piece.

If you just need to purchase one watch, it should probably be a simple metal band and face as opposed to leather, and must be relatively limited.

Should you anticipate buying a one watch and wearing it in all conditions, it must be quite stylistically impartial – capable of pairing with any degree of formality of clothing and any colour.

Style Tip # 3

Electronic, Mechanical or Automatic movements of the watch hands

Electronic movement – They keep the most precise time so long as they can be powered, but want a battery or other supply of electricity like a solar cell on the dial.

Automatic Movement – It may also be mechanical in nature, but use the movement of the watch itself their actions. They are substantially more precise as they have often been worn or shaken to supply electricity, and don’t need winding.

men's electronic watches - Seiko Diver's watch

Mechanical Movement – They are winding of springs inside the watch and keep time via the unwinding and wound. They want regular winding (frequently done via an outside covering or knob) and can lose precision with time.

Style Tip # 4

Case and Dial flair

Most cases are plastic made to look like metal or metal, and you are going to probably need the former. Outside of utility bits or sports watches for professionals that are working, there’s little reason for a grown man to possess a plastic or rubber watch.

Men's Carrera Case and Dial flair Watch

The dial of the watch is the round, observable face which the hands move. The case is the alloy that encloses the dial and the action (mechanism) behind it.

Style Tip # 5

Rubber band in a sports watch

If you are still waiting to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon, then do not plan to do it anytime soon. Because there are tonnes of amazing sports watches that you can wear and flaunt not just in your workout space but also with your casuals.

And, the best part about these watches is they can take the beating and are lightweight due to the presence of the rubber band.

Men’s Stylish & Comfortable Business Casual Shoes

Men’s Stylish & Comfortable Business Casual Shoes: Business casual sounds like an oxymoron? Don’t get trapped with the natural element, and show up wearing sandals and distressed jeans; business casual is perceived as an opportunity to make most out of your style and colour choice.

Gone are the times when the only satisfactory office wear was a full, ironed suit loaded with stiffening starch and paired with bright black lace. And for that, we are grateful.

With business casual, more than just a basic black dress shoe is needed. Since you are dressing your clothing down, get your shoes stand out with an original color—such as navy and brown colors—or difficult aspect. Wise, stick to brogue, oxford, derby or a loafer. According to weather and the trip, you may even have the ability to get away with a comfortable dress boot.

Footwear is the core of each and every outfit. And getting business casual right means making sure your shoe game is on purpose. Here are four different kinds of Men’s Stylish & Comfortable Business Casual Shoes.

  1. Brogue

A pair of brogues should be an essential of any man’s shoe wardrobe. Though they may be considered dress shoes”, the perforations, or brogueing, gives them some fashionable dash and an informal tone.

Mens Brogues Style

  1. Suede Lace Ups

A suede shoe has the ability to immediately dial the formality of any ensemble down. And in a dark chocolate colour, they keep a degree of dressiness which commensurates with a business casual dress code.

Men Suede Lace Ups

  1. Chelsea Boots

Naturally, if you could have loafers with business casual, in the boot world we may also love to call the loafers. Not only are they stylish, but very comfy. An excellent option if you’ve got a date.

Men Chelsea Boots

  1. Loafers

The loafer is comfortable shoe choice and the quintessential laid back. It’s significant to notice that “relaxed” doesn’t need to mean every day. In a business casual setting, “relax” means a more toned down, but dressed up appearance.

If you need evidence that fashion can talk volumes, have a look at the shoes of the following man you meet

Men Tassel Loafers

According to his shoes, you’ll likely soar to some decisions about his salary and profession, and perhaps even what he’s like as someone.

Your shoes are like a curriculum vitae on your feet, although your eyes may be the window into your spirit.

Here are our picks for autumn for best dress shoes.

Ensure the best way to take care of your kicks? Check out the best way to keep your shoes.

  1. Johnston & Murphy Aldrich II ($275)

Go conventional with these cap-toe oxfords, a bright sartorial option with their trampoline cushioning system and point perforated layout.

Johnston & Murphy Aldrich II

  1. John Varvatos Traveler Zip Boot ($418)

Strike on a high note in these rock-prepared boots. The Italian rear tab leather kicks are a must-have a piece in any midnight rambler’s cabinet.

John Varvatos Traveler Zip Boot

  1. Ted Baker Archerr ($220)

Navy suede contrast stitching, wingtips, perforated detailing, and ruby soles make these dress shoes regardless of what you wear them with, a serious design score.

Ted Baker Men's Archerr Shoes

  1. Mark Mcnairy ($388)

The classic dollar gets a modern update when its soft grey suede is rimmed with bright blue soles.

mark mcnairy shoes

  1. Cole Haan Olmstead Postman ($268)

Get a hold and elevate your style. The brushoff leather oxford created by NYC designer Todd Snyder makes for one glossy finish.

Cole Haan Olmstead Postman

  1. Cobbler’s Union Noah III ($395)

A complex shape and clean lines make this elegant fashion required for men away from home. Whether you pair them with wool trouser or jeans or something in between, you have only located your up-for-anything shoe.

Cobbler’s Union Noah III

A wise advice

In our shared view, business casual is about treading the line between seeming fashionable and conservative. It’s a term which is thrown around frequently and contains several distinct significance from one office to another. So, it’s crucial that you understand the entire culture of your place of business, the strictness of look in your office and the expectations of your superiors.

The Friday Closet

Although our office does casual Friday’ not officially have ‘, my coworkers have a tendency to be a bit more laid back on Fridays, in attire and attitude. So, it’s a fantastic day for a down vest, chukka boots and corduroys. To sharpen the look I coupled and some of the smart framework and it together.

A little about accessories

By making an easy add-on among the greatest methods to spice up an appearance which you may consider somewhat dull. And in this situation, we’re talking about a lightweight silk scarf.

There is one prerequisite to finish before wearing a silk scarf in this way: you have got to get over the fact the scarf isn’t actually going to keep you warm.

It is not just the silk scarf but other add-ons as well that you should think about to attain the best business casual look.