What Goes Into Designing A Shirt

You might ask, what goes into designing a shirt? It could be fun and add a lot to your event, but is it worth it? Custom jerseys and tees and hoodies can do a lot to build team spirit and bring fun to your event. They can unify your sports team and make family reunions at crowded venues safer. Imagine the kids running off in those bright yellow shirts-that makes them easier to spot.

So design and create your own clothes for special events today. The process is easier than it may seem. You can choose the fabric, style, logo, and amount of tops that match, for the perfect game day regalia.

Step 1

Pick the style and fabric you want. The first thing you need to do is to decide what you need these for, obviously. Are you having a family reunion or a company conference? And what range of sizes will you need? Not all prints work for all needs or sizes. Along with this, you will choose the kind of shirt you will need. Look through a catalogue or on a printing site for options. They often have jerseys, sweaters, baseball shirts, and more to choose from. You can also print bags and other useful swag. Choose if you want preshrunk fabric (this is a good idea) and see if your style happens to run small or large depending on reviews. It is always a good idea to read reviews if there are any.

Designing A Shirt

Step 2

What is your logo or theme? If you are doing this for a company, you should have the business name somewhere prominent on the shirt, most likely. If you have a slogan or a theme for the event you may also want to place that somewhere. You can make this one or two-sided. One-sided is typically more formal. Include the year or the family name and design it with a picture or nifty logo. Get an artsy person to help you out with the elements of design if you need help. There is no sense in trying to do it alone if you don’t have the eye for it.

logo t-shirts

Step 3

Find a printer or screen-print them. The number of shirts or sweaters and the kind will affect the cost and your ability to make them. And you need a screen-printing machine, unless you want to try an iron on application. This does not last as long when washed and does not look as good because it shows up lighter, typically. It is also a bit time intensive. You can also create your own appliques by hand or with a machine. It can look great but it is the most labor intensive and time-consuming method. But if you are only doing a shirt or two for a school project or talent show, go ahead and make a few shirts. Otherwise, you might need to find a company that prints. Find one that offers what you want at a good price, or go with a local business to boost the economy in your area. Design your own shirts for fun and unity.


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