How To Wear A Pocket Square With A Suit

How To Wear A Pocket Square With A Suit

When compared to a modern suit, the simple handkerchief – by most accounts at any rate a few centuries older. It would be wrong to say that it dated back to Shakespearean era, which further rooted among the essential accessory for Richard II’s courtiers as the square shaped cloth.

Since then, modern men embrace the elegance of pocket square in their attire. It has become a sartorial staple for them, whether we see Presidents or Hollywood stars.

Here are 4 interesting ways to wear a pocket square with a suit


  1. One corner fold

You must have seen this style – a small peak of fabric peeking out of the pocket. It is the standard style in a pocket square that matches every occasion, fabric and personality.

The One Corner Fold

How to do?

– First, lay the fabric on a flat surface and make the baseball diamond shape by folding two corners – one corner facing down and one corner facing up.

– Now, try to make the triangle by connecting the bottom point to the top point.

One corner fold

– Bring the right corner of the triangle to the left corner and left corner to the right corner. You will end up making the fence slat shape which appears sort of rectangular with a top facing point.

– Till the half way or so fold the bottom towards up. Now, place it in your suit.

  1. The Straight Fold

When we talk about the simplest of all pocket square styles, “straight fold” is the one that surfaces in my first at first and foremost. You will end up with a small rectangle shaped edge of pocket square peeking out of your pocket.

Straight Fold

How to do?

– keep your pocket square on a flat surface

– Just bring the left side to the right or vice versa

The Straight Fold

– Fold it half way by bringing the bottom towards up

– In thirds fold the fabric so it will quickly get adjusted to your suit’s pocket.

  1. Two point fold

If you consider yourself a pocket square aficionado, then you must master this style. It is quite unusual among men to be versed in different pocket square style, especially two point fold.

Note – The two point fold style suits best when you wear in on blazer instead suit. However, there is always a way to tear up the rule book and do something daring with your attire. You can take any poppy colour fabric and put it in two-fold style in your dinner jacket.

Two point fold pocket square

How to do?

– Keep the fabric on a flat surface in such a way that it looks like diamond shape to you.

– Now, with soft hands fold the diamond up over itself and angle it far from the centre. The two points peeking out will be visible in a pocket square when tucked in a blazer pocket.

– Place it in the pocket and adjust it accordingly.

  1. The Puff Fold (or the casual fold)

I would say that it is the simplest of all fold in the pocket square styling. It is an ideal choice of style if you intend to play with the fabric patterns. The reason is it displays most of the pocket square fabric as compared to other styles.

Some of the suggested fabric patterns for “casual fold” are – sizeable checks, paisleys and polka dot.

Warning – You should know that such style makes bold statement. It is well suited when you combine it with separates instead a complete one colour suit.


How to do?

– Keep the fabric flat on the surface.

– Try to pinch the fabric carefully from the centre. It will allow the material to flow downwards at a natural angle.

– On one hand, softly hold the fabric and use another hand to gather the fabric around it.

Puff Fold

– Now, soft handily fold the up the bottom of the fabric and place it in your suit pocket.

– To get the desired puffiness try to fiddle with it but again with soft hands.

Some useful tips

Say no to matchy-match! Try to avoid the pocket square exactly matching your Tie colour as it is now getting outdated.

The plain colour is the top choice! In pocket squares, plain colours are always my favourite because of the elegance and simplicity they offer to attire.


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