6 Things to Remember When Wearing T-Shirt with a Blazer

6 Things to Remember When Wearing T-Shirt with a Blazer

Whether a blazer with a T-shirt appearance is okay or not is one that has scarcely reasoned and a frequently debated problem. Nevertheless, we consider if it were fashionable and pulled off right it can seem both classic and elegant choice. However, there is a huge but, if you intend to pull it off, there are a couple of essential things to remember to avoid looking like “that guy” from the IT Crowd.

  1. Find the right PATTERN

To accomplish this look correctly, there are few essentials you should ensure you are doing right. To start off confirm your blazer and T-shirt are slim fittings, and you stick to some simple crew T-shirt with no to minimal branding. Anything that is overly loud is certainly going to take you away from the right appearance and allow it to look like you threw a blazer over your everyday wear. If you definitely must proceed for some detail keep it with a discreetly texturized material a minimalistic logo in the T-shirt’s corner.

t-shirt with blazer look

  1. Do not ignore the SHAPE

For a thing that fits close to the body is chosen by the contour. Anything overly loose won’t work with the slim fit layout of the blazer and will make the ensemble look bulky, although I am not speaking skin tight. Keep your T-shirt long enough that it only goes over the top of your trouser line, or enough you can tuck it into your pants.

Wearing a blazer with a t-shirt

  1. COLOR can make all the difference

If you are selecting colours to make sure you have either got it on your t-shirt or your blazer, not both. Joining two sets of colours is going to clash awkwardly and to look perplexing, as well as take the clean, smart appearance away. Ensure that it stays straightforward, and if you need to choose a blazer that is brilliant Ensure your T-shirt is in white or a neutral black.

V Neck T Shirt With Blazer Men

  1. Wisely decide on BLAZER

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, so there are distinct rules on the type of blazer to wear determined by how you hold your weight. There is a little dissimilarity between the blazer and what people call a suit coat. Thus, what is a blazer? In short, it’s a coat not paired with fitting pants, giving a more casual look to it. A suit coat is consistently paired with pants which are fit in fabric and colour, giving a more formal appearance to it. It is possible to create different attire with the variety of blazer ensembles, and so much time as you get the colours and fit right, you can experiment at will.

t-shirt with blazer and sneakers for men

  1. Do not forget the FIT

The decree on fit for blazers is less or more the same as with a suit coat. A blazer is assumed to be slim fitting, but if it’s not overly loose and there are creases around the buttons where the substance is straining, then go for a size upward and you should dodge the bullet. Afterwards, it’s not fitted similarly enough if your blazer isn’t following the contour of the body or crimping in a little at the waist, and you would not be able to get that sharp look.

Wearing T-Shirt with a Blazer

  1. SMART TROUSER if your secret ingredient

Only make sure they are nicely fitted for the classic look and some of the smart trousers will do the job with a right pair of shoes. Try ones which are somewhat tapered as they will help elongate the body, also, to fit with the slender appearance of the ensemble and avoid falling too loosely over your shoes.

I hope you get it right! Do not forget to follow these 6 Things to Remember When Wearing T-Shirt with a Suite.


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