Top ten fashion tips for tall women

Tall women are conspicuous especially when in a room full of people because this is where comparisons can be made between their height and that of others. It is difficult being a tall woman because the numerous efforts to wear unnoticeable clothing are mostly futile and make you unfashionable. It is, therefore, important to use the following tips to make a fashion statement because there’s nothing much you can do about your height.

Tall Women Shoes

Make sure that your shoes are attractive

When people are dazzled by your height, it is common for them to determine if it is as a result of wearing high heels. This attention to your feet can be positively harnessed by wearing attractive shoes irrespective of style.

Tall Women Heels

Wear heels

You need to wear heels like other women so that you can be classified as sexy and confident too. High heels enhance your looks when wearing numerous outfits, and, therefore, should not be avoided.

Tall Women High Heels

Accessorize with large pieces

As a tall woman, you should select large sized accessories such as earrings and handbags. It is important to understand that their size complements your height. A proper combination of large accessories and stylish outfit is what you need to make a stunning fashion statement.

Tall Women Accessorize with large pieces

Don’t cover it all up

Your tall body surely does have plenty of skin. It is, then, necessary to make use of it but make sure to avoid overdoing people can get the wrong impression. Fashion experts recommend showing off a single section of your skin per day to get desirable results.

Tall Women Necklaces

Get some attention to your neck

Before walking out of the house, make sure to emphasize your long neck by wearing a garment with a low-cut neckline. You can also enhance attention to the area by wearing sparkling earrings or necklaces while keeping your hair pulled back.

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A mix of wide and narrow can be fashionable

While you may avoid jackets with broad shoulders or wide pants at all costs because you don’t want to look masculine, it’s important to reconsider your decision. It is advisable to wear wide outfits on certain but not all occasions, and to mix them with tight tops or pants to get a balanced and fashionable look.

Tall women Bright colors fashion

Bright colors highlight your most attractive points

A right mix of colors can be incorporated into your dressing to enhance your confidence. They are also effective attention grabbers if used appropriately on specific areas of your body where you think you can score highly such as your small waistline.

Tall Women Fashion

Don’t over accessorize

Avoid using numerous accessories because these tend to spoil the show. Several pieces of accessories are enough to make you look stunning.


Experiment with your hair

There are numerous hair styles that are fashionable for tall women. It is, therefore, necessary to be creative and try out different styles with your hair short or long.

fashion tips for tall women

Occasionally try out something extraordinary

Tall women tend to avoid wearing bright lipstick or a flamboyant eyeliner because they take them to be too noticeable. While it may seem difficult to go to work or a night out in a showy way, it does not hurt to do it occasionally in the company of girlfriends.


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