Tips To Help Women Choose The Right Swimsuit

When it comes to picking the right swimsuit many women have certain problems. Some women have problems with the appearance of love handles, some think their thighs are too thick, or some have problems making sure they’re breasts are supported. Keep reading and check out some great things you can do to help choose the right swimsuit.

Love Handles and Stomach

Nothing can be more embarrassing to a woman when she’s wearing her swimsuit than a pile of her stomach or love handles forming at the top of her bikini bottoms. Some women feel they have to wear a one piece in order to hide their stomach and love handles. However, if you select the appropriate cut bottoms you can wear a bikini with no problem.

Right Swimsuit

Go with bottoms that fit you to where they don’t look or feel baggy. A tankini can also help you hide your stomach or love handles if the takini top is long enough. If the takini top is not long enough it won’t do you any good when it comes to hiding your stomach or love handles.

Darker colored swimsuits will also help you to conceal your belly. If you go with a one piece swimsuit you should choose a higher cut leg, because if goes down and over the lower hip areas it will enhance the appearance of your side bulges and make your midsection look rounder.

Thick Thighs

If you have thighs that are larger than normal you should go with a higher cut on the thigh area to create a slimming effect. Whenever you find a swimsuit that makes your legs look longer you should go with it, as longer legs will make your thighs look slimmer.

Women Choose Right Swimsuit

If you don’t really like high cut legs you can go with boy short bikini bottoms that will cover up your large thighs. Skirted bottoms can also come in handy when it comes to providing a slimming effect on your thighs.

Small Breast

Some women have small breasts that are a problem when they try to wear swimsuits, and other women have large breasts, which can also be a problem. Women who have a problem with their breasts being too small can go with a one-piece swimsuit that has a v-neck, or a bikini that has a triangle bra.

Love Handles and Stomach

Your small bust will appear bigger in the swimsuit with the triangle. If you can find a top that has light colors or ruffles it can really make your bust look bigger in your swimsuit.

Triangle bikini tops will also add volume to your bust because the strings can be adjusted easily. Make sure you get tops with good lining and maybe an under wire to get the most support for your bust.

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