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For centuries, signet rings were used as a symbol of victory. Initially, they were made of iron and people saw them as emblems of power and strength. The Greeks were really fond of them because they were prominent and appealing; nowadays, people wear signet rings as accessories or symbols of love. Golden signet rings were designed for anniversaries and special occasions, and they’re an excellent gift idea. Ergo, if you want to impress your spouse, you don’t have to think twice. The greatest advantage of signet rings is that they’re easy to engrave. You can opt for classic symbols like hearts and keys, or you can personalize yours and include a meaningful message.

Personalized Accessories

Picking out the model

The plethora of signet rings is endless. Whether you’re looking for the simplest type or you want an Egyptian-inspired ring, make sure that the model chosen represents you. These accessories are appropriate for both men and women, so if you’re wedding anniversary is right at the door and you don’t know what might surprise your spouse; think of an ingenious signet ring. Gold for example, is extremely appreciated because it highlights luxury and elegance. Mixed with a royal-blue gown, your ring will surely pop out and you’ll feel like Cleopatra.

Also known as a seal ring, these beautiful jewels had an extremely important role in the Roman society. They were used to validate legal documents and it was an extremely valuable accessory for the person who owned it. Pompey’s ring for example, had a lion engraved while Julius Caesar’s ring displayed an armed Venus. Do you have any particular preferences for your signet rings?

Personalize your gold signet ring – engraving

There are three main styles of engraving signet rings: illustrated letters, standard fonts, or unique, fancy fonts. It’s up to you to decide what you want engraved. For example, if you’re looking to buy anniversary rings and you want something genuine, engraving the letters of your loved one might seem like an excellent idea. Don’t forget that your goal is to have a personalized golden ring that nobody else has.

Discuss with an engraver about the symbols or letters you want carved. After that, decide on a font and style. Note that every engraver has its own personal techniques, so prior to getting started ask him to show you some works he did in the past. Thus, you’ll know for sure that his experience and talent are worth the price.

Personalize your gold signet ring – engraving

Signet rings – a symbol of love

Centuries ago, signet rings symbolized power and dominance. Right now, they’re precious accessories that can even be worn as wedding rings. Increasingly more people have started to ditch thin classic rings and replace them with signets. They’re a lot more stylish, so if you want to be different, you should certainly take them into account. Heart-shaped signet rings made of pure gold can be impressive. The hand of a woman looks more gracious when she wears rings, so you should start looking for the best model. Don’t forget to have it engraved, just to make it even more original.

Signet rings made of precious metals and adorned with stones like sapphires and diamonds will add a note of glamour and opulence to your outfit. Whether you’re going to a business meeting or to a glamorous party, nothing can beat a well-made signet ring. Men can also pull off these beautiful accessories, so don’t be shy to purchase such an item for your husband. Opt for white gold and make sure that the stone or engraving is masculine enough. Black onyx is in trend right now, as well as Greek symbols and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Get inspired

After Prince William got engaged to Kate Middleton, and she exhibited Diana’s white diamond ring with an 18th carat blue sapphire, the people went crazy. All women wanted to have that signet ring, so they went for a copy. When you lack inspiration and you have no idea what model to opt for, it’s extremely simple to get inspired from celebrity rings. You may not find an exact copy, but at least you can check them out to see what you might like.

Yiwu January 2011

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes and Kim Kardashian, are extremely fond of their rings. What woman doesn’t like precious stones? Whether we’re talking about sapphires or pure diamonds, prior to choosing your signet ring make sure it is what you want. The stone should match your style and the overall aspect must beautifully compliment your hand.

Signet rings are without a doubt exquisite. Women love them because they’re luxurious and extravagant, not to mention that they have the power to compliment any type of outfit, whether it’s simple or sophisticated. Opt for a signet ring that’s avant-garde and show off an exquisite style in front of your loved ones, and on the streets.


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