To be Fashionable

Everyone wants to be fashionable. It’s a dream – oh to be fashionable! But how can one become fashionable? It’s easy. You do not have to hop on to the next flight to Paris, New York or Milan. You stay where you are and just click on the mouse honing in on Adidas original bag, Armani jeans women, Carhartt jacket, Diesel watches, Diesel jeans and you name it. On your computer screen will open up global markets dealing with clothes, shoes, handbags, makeup and everything funky and fashionable. You can choose online, make your payment online and watch the progress of the delivery online. The goods will reach you fast undamaged. There is something for all kinds of pockets. You need not worry on that score. You can choose something traditional or go for the latest zippy stuff. The choice is yours. You can view online and get to know the price online.

Armani jeans women

What is the trick? How to be fashionable? It is simple – be what you are, but improve upon it and better it. So it means not to forget one’s age, height and looks but to make the best of it. If one does not follow this golden rule then you will become ridiculous like the crow wearing feathers of the peacock. The latest trend today is to be natural in a sophisticated planned manner. Being natural does not mean you become sloppy. You will get all the help you need on the Internet. The clothes and the accessories like handbags and shoes must match. Even undergarments are important to give you the feel of being fashionable. There are clothes to suit all sizes – large, medium small and also extra-large. These are apart from the standard sizes.


Fashion is not just about following a trend – if you are innovative and courageous you can kick off a style. Matthaeus Schwarz of the early 16th century was the first one to write a book on fashion. From his early years he was focused on clothes and made paintings keeping himself as the subject. He continued with this hobby till he was 63 years old. His paintings numbered 36. It included sketches of the clothes that he used to wear. The cycle of fashion has no end – it is never ending. Fashion designers get inspiration looking at old movies, from globetrotting, exploring libraries and blending tradition with modernity. Globetrotting need not be physical – it can be a virtual tour, by going online. For decades Barbie Doll has been the ambassador of changing fashion.


One of the most important changes in East West relationship in the field of fashion is stitching. The tailoring concept came to India with the Moslem invasion. Even today in some orthodox temples one is not allowed to enter wearing stitched clothes. In India yards of material were wound round the body in various innovative ways. This applied to both men and women. It was ideal for the tropical climate. Today the sari is getting attention in the West while the Jeans culture has overtaken the East.


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