Perfect Men’s Black Tie for New Year

Black ties have remained a standard attired in all formal occasions like New Years Eve parties. For a lot of years, evening has not changed. When you attend a New Year’s Eve party and when all men there look the same, it is easy to notice if one guy has dressed himself properly or not. Dressing yourself for New Year is about both making a fashion statement and dressing appropriately.

The great thing about black men’s dress is that you can wear them just a few times every year but it will last for many years. Thus, investing in well-made attire that properly suits you will ensure that you will look good in the party you want to attend to. With a dinner jacket, the small details will truly make the difference. You need to ensure that the lapels’ facing material must match with the braiding of your trousers and button fabric. You can prefer grosgrain silk instead of satin if you wish to guarantee elegance. Your choice of fabric must be considered as it needs to last. Traditionally, people choose mohair or wool barathea. Mohair tends to play on the light giving you luminescence that you cannot get from wool. The jacket must have a closed back without vents. This is about your silhouette being clean and sleek.

Gentlemen Suits

Men’s Black Tie

The Right Lapel

A peak lapel is a must. A shawl lapel can be a good choice; however, keep in mind that you can only look good with it if you get the right proportions otherwise you can look awful. When it comes to black tie, a notch lapel should not be worn. If you get a very cheap jacket for dinner you can expect it to have a notch lapel as it comes from a factory where it is churned out with similar block for dinner and business suits.

Men’s Black Tie for New Year

Black Tie for New Year

Velvet Dinner Jacket

Certainly, you can look cool with a velvet dinner jacket. The trick is to wear something that truly suits you well. You can expect velvet to have a smoking jacket feel and it is chosen by many men due to its vintage look. If you want to wear one, you need to get smart black trousers instead of a while velvet suit.

Black Velvet


Velvet Dinner Jacket

Three-Piece and Double-Breasted

A double-breasted dinner suit is also one of the great men’s outfits for New Years . It is important to be ready to have this dress done-up all night as an undone double-breasted jacket will look dreadful as it hangs. You can also look nice with a waistcoat which is a great replacement if you don’t want a cummerbund.


Double Breasted Blazer



The Matching Shirt

Your choice of shirt must include having one with a turn down collar. For white tie, a wing collar must be picked. The bib or front part must be Marcela or pleated. With pleats, make sure that the Seventies ruffled look is not veered down. However, today tight and neat pleats will really look good.

Pleated Bib Dinner Shirt

Black Pleated bib Shirt

Wing Collar Shirt

The Trousers

Your New Year’s Eve trousers must be made with plain hemmed bottoms, thus, no turn-ups. They can be pleated or with a flat front. Today’s style is slightly slimmer and with a single braid down its side. Traditionally, black tie involves having a single braid. The side pockets must be in line with the braid to make it look neater.

Black smart slim trousers

Pleated Pants

hemmed pants


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