Men’s Street Style 2015-2016

Men’s Street Style 2015-2016

A new year has come and it’s time to broaden your outlook and adopt a fresh fashion statement. Observing the fashion conscious people around you can actually help you get an understanding as to what is the latest trend and how it might look on you. These people are just normal people like you and each person has a unique style, so the streets are a pool of abundant fashionable suggestions to every man. Here are a few suggestions we have for you to heat it up on the streets this year.

  1. Accessorize

Freshen up your wardrobe with some cool accessories. Any dress and any style you choose can be enhanced by selecting the right accessory to go with it. A wide brim hat like the Fedora can be worn with almost all types of menswear which can impart a chic and classy look at the same time. One of the Famous Winter Hats for men in 2014 is still in style regardless of season. If you want to make a statement and at the same time carry some important documents around, the Document Holder is the thing for you. It absolutely goes with a sharp executive look. Mirrored Sunglasses are another trend on the streets. Available in all shapes and frames, these shades can be worn with any dress combination.

Men Fedora Hat

Winter Hats for men

Fedora Hat

  1. Striped Tailoring

One of the emerging trends of 2015 is the striped tailoring. Depending on your preferences and nature of use, the stripes can be employed to the classic pinstriped suits or sleek new blazers designed in contemporary fashions with blocked stripes and unique colour patterns or stylish monochrome varieties. Depending on personal choice, the pattern can be for both casual and formal occasions. If you’re going for a more executive look, the stripes may just be the edge you need.

striped suit

Men Stripped Suits

Blue Striped Suit

  1. Double Breasted Jackets

Although it has been outshone by the familiar single breasted jackets, the double breasted jackets are coming back stronger than ever. It can provide you with a leaner and sophisticated appearance. When worn with matching trousers and neckwear, this dress piece can infuse a significant dose of power and confidence in you. Lose the tie and it can be a perfect casual wear too.


Double Breasted Blazer


Double Breasted Jackets

  1. Denim is back

Denim jeans had been the trusted companion for all men for many years and it’s time for it to make a comeback to the fashion scene. The versatility of the denim that it can go with virtually any thinkable combination of dresses makes it a must have for this new season. Also go for men’s denim shirts or jackets, as you can almost never go wrong with denim.

Denim Casual Shirt

Denim Shirt


denim jackets

  1. Time to go soft

The spring season is coming up so why not welcome it with a wardrobe of softer colours. The winter season has always been characterised by dark and intense colours so a lighter dress tone is very much welcome on the streets. Lighter fabrics with light warm-weather shades do look stylish as well as makes you stay prepared for the coming spring and summer seasons.

Perfect Summer Suit

Stay up to date on the latest men’s street styles with these fashion tips. Well, street styles are not definitive, so feel free to mix it up and put your own stamp on your looks.


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