Top 3 Beard Styles in 2015

Top 3 Beard Styles in 2015

In a quest to look the best he can, there is a lot a man can do. Evoking the manliness and showing the tougher side of your personality is best portrayed by sporting a beard that speaks the superiority in you. Facial hair on men can instantly put them in a special group of “Alpha Men”, the weakness of the female sex. And those men who don’t have this facial feature will always have a secret desire to have it. So if you have got that manliness in you, it’s time for you to capitalize the opportunity and give the best look to your beard which suits your facial structure.

If you still need a reason to keep beard on your face, remember that its winter and it will protect you from cold and not to forget ultra-violet rays! Well, that’s only an excuse to have that ultimate look to introduce sense of desperation in the opposite fairer sex.

Not sure about the latest trend of beard in 2015? You would want to check out the top 3 in this category.

  • Short Circle Beard

A well-groomed beard always makes you stand out of the crowd. If you are preparing for a corporate party or an event, a short and neat circular beard on a classic suit extracts the best you can look. But there are some notes that you should keep in mind before trying this highly professional look. It is not for those lazy buds who just can’t take care of their jawline hair, as it requires a lot of attention, regular trimming, shaving and shaping to keep this look fresh.This summer. it will only be about you; all you need is to groom yourself to the best you can.

Short Circle Beard

neat circular beard

Facial Hairstyles for Young Men - New style trend

beard style

  • Boxed Beard

Those men who don’t like more of a full face beard look can still have a masculine feel about them, by sporting this short boxed beard. It showcases the features of your face and enhances your appealing power. This beard goes best with some unique hairstyles as it will only help you to come forward from your league of men. Try one of those popular men’s hairstyle and show your X factor to the world. It is a look for those, who love to stand out and express their self the way they want. It gives you a dominating look and traces your face to the perfection. Again achieving this look is not so easy, and requires an expert to do it for you. Don’t try it by yourself if you are not a pro as this look can go wrong if not done correctly and can turn you into a joker.

Boxed Beard Style

Boxed beard

bushy beard

  • Olde English Look

This is more like a rough and manlier look. It is for someone who doesn’t care much about the world. It is a mix of many trendy full-face beard styles. It takes time to grow your beard to fit into this look. This look enhances your personality and once you change your style with it, people will notice the character in you. This is something that is always in trend and in 2015 you should be confident enough to carry this look.

full beard styles



Olde English Look

Mens Beard

Sexy Beards


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