Look (and feel) Cool At Work With These Tips

Look (and feel) Cool At Work With These Tips

It is a myth when people say that look Cool At Work and feeling the same cannot go hand in hand. Probably because of men are adopting tacky techniques to show off their personality but they find it quite difficult to build their own style which is beneficial for themselves and also for their personality (for others).

And, when we talk about summers, we literally mean the real dog days of summer, the heat makes it very difficult for you to sit on your desk.

How do you think would you be able to cool down and still manage to look appealing?

By going through the points mentioned below and stop being messy this summer. Try celebrity summer style .

Fabrics are the priority

The biggest key to staying cool at your workplace is putting your hands on the right kinds of fabric. Warm weather brings forth a lot of challenges for you if you are expected to wear a suit & tie on a regular basis. Linen and cotton are the fabrics that you’d totally want to hog on for the hot months. We understand that they need a lot of care but when it comes to putting up at work with the best foot forward and feel comfortable within, no other fabric would be able to take your ship to the shore. Hence, the challenge of survival of the fittest is won by both linen and cotton. Adopt them or follow Darveys !!

Indulge in summer colors with the classics

Who said anything about pinks and yellows not being masculine? They are absolutely summary and are improvised to suit the manly needs of the modern man. Gorge on the handsome array of pastel shades that are available online for you to choose accordingly. In this hunt, do not forget to indulge in the classic colors namely, navy, gray and more. You can accent your looks by clubbing the classic browns, grays, and navy with the summer-friendly colors to pep up your look. This would certainly give you the edgy yet comfortable look on the outside.

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Hold on tight to the brands that offer the feeling

We all that one or two brands which are hard to let to go. There are numerous for various personalities. For example, some might go crazy about the Diesel clothing, Prada or Tommy Hilfiger bags, Burberry shirts, Calvin Klein accessories and so much more. Choose what makes you feel good and hold onto the brand close to your heart because the craftsmanship put in to make you feel extraordinary will surely work for you. All you got to do is – choose carefully.

Opt for a fit that isn’t extreme

If you are someone who loves to wear loose clothes or extremely fitted ones, you need to lose them right away. We all know that tight clothes do no good to you. However, if you thought that loose ones help, you need to check again. Loose clothing article comes in between your movements and can cause rashes when constantly being in use. An appropriate fit would don’t stick close to your body or even play any hindrance while you do your thing the entire day.

Apply talcum powder and deodorant in the right spots

You might have experienced that talcum powder is quite popular in the summer months. Well, it is because that it has the capability to wick away moisture. You must not have heard that applying deodorant on the inner thighs can actually help you sweat less. You can try these two things for feeling even better on the inside and keeping yourself cool.

Happy summers!! May you look and feel cool at your workplace.


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