7 Tips On Finding The Perfect Men’s Grooming Clippers

Best Men’s Grooming Clippers

Why so much fuss about picking a hair clipper? After all, each one of them can trim off your hair. But then, the performance matters. Your hair is the most important accessory of yours, and you need just the best tools to maintain them. Would you still pick anything that you get your hands on?

Hair clippers are too popular today. These can be the simplest and adept tools for men’s grooming. Today, apart from just the professional hairdressers, even ordinary people prefer to own these for DIY grooming sessions. But, it’s not going to be easy to choose the best barber clippers for men. Many brands are offering their clippers, and that gives you a huge number of options to choose from. Confused? Don’t worry. We got your covered.

Here’s a seven tips guide to let you know how to choose a clipper.

1. Consider the clipper design and its weight

Trimming is no magic. It takes some time. Doing it carefully takes even more of it. So that means you have to hold the clipper in your hands for long. Hence the very first decider of a great clipper would be its handling. Always choose the one with ergonomic design and a proper grip. Done with the catch, make sure your clipper is lightweight as well. These factors together determine the ease of use of the tool.

2. Choose a powerful machine

The power is the ultimate cutter. Powerful motors help the clipper glide easily over your hair trimming quickly in fewer strokes. Come on; you don’t want to stand and trim it the whole day. You want it quick, and power does just that. When you’ve got the right power in your clipper, even the thickest of hair are cut easily without any tangles. This is how you get an effortless Grooming Tips for Men’s .

3. Get the best of the blades

What decides how your clipper is going to perform? Obviously, the blades. You need to be extra cautious on this front. A larger portion of the total clipper available in the market offer stainless steel blades. That’s a safe and healthy option. But, you can also get carbon steel blades for more durability or ceramic blades for lesser heat retention than steel. Choose your blade wisely as it would directly impact the clipper performance.

Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper

Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper

4. Cordless is a better choice

Now, this one choice can make your grooming a lot easier. Always try to get a cordless clipper as your grooming tool. Now you don’t have to stick to a spot getting the power from an outlet in the wall. Next, a cordless clipper is too easy to clean. You just have to rinse it under running water to get it free from trapped hair. Want more? You can even carry your clipper if it’s a no-cord-needed one.

5. Get the one with more accessories

Next big thing for a clipper is what accessories arrive with the set. This is serious stuff. You can choose a costly clipper and get nothing while a cheaper option might just be fulfilling. So always consider what accessory you get with a particular machine. Getting several guide combs of different sizes takes your styling a notch up. You can also get blade guards, cleaning brushes, and lubricating oil.

6. Check the price

There are many brands and many models of hair clippers. They all appear to be the same but cost you differently. You can come across the Clippers ranging from the cheapest entry level ones to the peak of costly. Although some models give you the value for their cost, not all of them are worthy of their price. So paying a bit higher for a couple or more of useful features is good. Ultimately, you got to get the cheapest machine that performs well and has all the essential features.

7. Ask the expert

Now, one thing is for sure. You can’t get there and try all of them and assess what’s the best. So how would you know what models to try? The best plan would be to ask someone who has used a lot of them with high frequency. You can ask your barber for what kind of clipper would suit your style and budget. You like what your barber does to you and thus should get just that barber clipper. This feedback is going to be a tremendous help. You can also visit review websites like indreviews.com to know more about men’s clippers.


Clippers are important for men. Even if you like to get it done by your barber, a clipper can be an emergency support when you need a bit of grooming for an important event. The choice is also important. A wrong decision would not only ruin your budget but your style as well. These tips would help you decide. Make a smart selection.


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