Clothing that every woman should have in her closet

There are some pieces of clothing and shoes that every girl and woman who keeps up with fashion should have as a staple piece in her closet so that it can be said that she is “fashionably conscious”. So, let’s start…

Black Suit

The classic black suit is a timeless fabric, usually worn in the office, but can also be worn to a party after work. To switch from the day to an evening look, start by changing the shoes and shirt and add accessories.

Black leather shoes

For the greatest variety, buy black leather shoes the so called pumps with a 5 centimetre high heel. They are always stylish and you can wear with both skirts and pants.

Black dress clothing

A white shirt

A dazzling white shirt made from stretchy cotton is very practical. It can be worn into the office when paired with a suit or with a pair of jeans. A white shirt can be matched with every colour and can be easily coordinated with various accessories.

Diamond earrings (or at least something resembling diamonds)

Buy them big or small it doesn’t matter as they look great in every shape. By wearing these earrings you will instantly add glamour that you will instantly feel just like a queen.

Knee-waist jacket

These types of jackets you can wear the skirts, pants or jeans. If you don’t have one, you need to buy it immediately. Choose a single breasted jacket in a neutral colour.

Right sized jeans

It seems impossible, but the perfect pair of jeans will be both perfect and comfortable. If you are like every other woman there is no doubt that you will try out quite a few pairs before you find the ones that suit you perfectly. The best types of jeans are boot cut jeans as they are just the right tightness at the leg. Low waisted, about 2 centimetres bellow your navel is the best style is you want to show off your belly.


Little black dress (LBD)

This dress itself is perfect without any accessories. The best choice would be the classic LBD with a slightly shiny fabric. It can be worn with a jacket for the day or add dazzling jewellery, shoes and accessories for the evening.

Fine lingerie

To get you started select a sexy bra that fits you perfectly. A good bra will at the same time lift and separate the breasts. Add a pair of panties in a crazy colour or design. Just thinking about the lingerie that you’re wearing will penetrate into the depth of your thought and you will instantly feel sexy and brave. A piece of sexy lingerie is one of the most important things any woman needs to have in her closet

Two fabulous handbags

To complete any look a handbag for each day is a must and should be in a great design, in a neutral colour and with a bit of style. Also you need a handbag or a clutch with a lot of glare that will instantly give you that touch of glamour for the evening.

V-neck T-shirt

V-neck t-shirts go well when combined with skirts and jeans. At the very least, buy one quality t-shirt that is made from light cotton or thin silk. Make sure that you choose the colour that will match or go well with the rest of your clothes.

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