Top 5 Tips for Online Clothes Shopping

Shopping online can be a fantastic way of saving time and money, however shopping for clothes presents a series of problems that do not usually occur when purchasing a book or DVD. Remembering the following five tips will help you to purchase great clothes that fit at the right price.

1. Know Your Size

The main problem associated with online clothes shopping is that there is no online changing room. Most seasoned shoppers know that while you may be a Small in one store, you could well be a Medium in another as there are no fixed sizing standards. It is therefore crucial to equip yourself with accurate measurements: waist, hips, bust, leg length, arm length and so on. Reliable online retailers will always provide detailed sizing information, so you should be able to check accurately if the to-die-for item you have chosen really will fit.

2. Choose Retailers Carefully

As previously stated, reliable online fashion retailers will always provide detailed sizing information for their clothes, alongside an in-depth description of the garments, including material information and washing instructions. A good retailer will usually also supply a series of photographs from various angles, giving you a good, all-round view of the product. If the retailer you are browsing does not provide such information, consider choosing another, as it will be very difficult for you to make an informed decision.

3. Use Comparison Websites

Shoppers will be familiar with the age-old problem of buying an item of clothing and then finding an almost identical version at a lower price elsewhere. This is because popular on-trend items tend to be replicated across the various brands, while prices may differ considerably. One of the advantages of shopping online is that you have the luxury of shopping around and comparing prices for similar items with ease. Using a fashion comparison website is an excellent way of achieving this, and may save you considerable sums of money.

4. Use Discount Codes

Discount codes are very common but not particularly well publicised. They can vary from free delivery to a sizeable discount off your shop if you spend over a certain amount. Using Google or a dedicated discount voucher site before proceeding to the ‘check out’ will ensure that you are getting the best and most discounted deal available.

5. Read the Fine Print

Even the most seasoned online shopper ends up with items they don’t want. That is why it is essential for all savvy online shoppers to check the terms and conditions regarding the retailer’s returns and refund policy before paying for an item. Some retailers will only give you store credit, while others may not accept returns at all; do your homework to avoid disappointments.

Online shopping can save you both time and money, so start browsing the Web today to find the best deals on stylish fashion items. Also don’t forget to check out local free classifieds site for best deals on vintage goods. Good luck!


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