Fashion laws that you CAN break

Fashion changes and the things we previously considered as fashion mistakes, are now normal and “allowed”. All the rules are now broken. And it’s not bad, just like when people invent something new to express their unique personalities and make this world a different and interesting place. Here we will mention five fashion rules that previous generations followed, and that we now breaking.

Rule 1: Do not mix patterns and prints

This rule is pretty out-dated due to the fact that nowadays everyone mixes prints, not only designers on the runways, but also the world’s trendsetters and fashion icons. Just look at Betsey Johnson, D & G and Preen collections and you’ll see how beautiful and stylish combined patterns and prints can look.

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Rule 2: The older you are, the longer the dresses or skirts must be

If your legs look great, show them off! One 40-year-old woman can look like a 25-year old girl as her body can be more toned and beautiful just look at Jennifer Aniston and Claudia Schiffer.

Rule 3: You need to match your bag and shoes

A while ago this was a very important rule that everyone followed. Now everything has changed. You no longer need to match your bag with your shoes. You can just do the opposite: create a contrast between your handbag and your shoes.

Rule 4: Never, ever wear socks or tights with open toe shoes

Many women like Alexa Chung and Rihanna wear stockings, socks and tights with open toe shoes. This combination can look very brave and courageous, but be careful that the sock stitches on the toes is not visible because that is completely inexcusable.


Rule 5: Underwear is not supposed to be seen through clothing

This rule is a little hard for all the fashion conscious women to follow. The designers have created a lot of clothing that is made from transparent materials that shows what women are wearing underneath their clothes. There’s nothing wrong with that, just make sure that you wear a bra underneath your shirt and you are good to go. As far as skirts or pants are concerned, your panties should continue to remain hidden.

Rule 6: Under no circumstances wear white-coloured clothing after Labour Day.

This ‘holy grail’ fashion etiquette rule is probably the most know and popular rule but at the same time it is the most out-dated rule. This policy of not wearing white after Labour Day dates back to the 20th century where white was the ideal colour to wear in the hot summer months as the white colour reflected heat and light.


Rule 7: Never ever wear black coloured clothing with brown or with navy blue coloured clothing

Brown, black, and navy are fairly neutral colours, which at times can be combined and worn together. Professionals recommend lightening up monochromatic attire with fashionable and essential accessories.

For example, pair a brownish belt or perhaps a handbag with a black or navy apparel to immediately soften the appearance. Match a brown pump with a black coloured dress, an indigo tote with a brown jacket, a black belt with navy blue jeans.


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