Mens Winter Coat Style Guide

Top 5 Men's Winter Coat Style Guide 2016-2017

Days are becoming shorter, temperatures are falling, and the first snowfall is right around the corner.

And while it mightn’t be clunky scarf and boots whether it is time for men to put some serious thought into jackets and coats. Here are Best Winter Coats For Men 2018 – 2019.

Any halfway decent jacket should keep you, but remaining dry, warm, and trendy concurrently is somewhat more complex. Fads, by definition, go and come. Rather than focusing on the trends of the day, we have concentrated our focus on six jacket designs that have stood the test of time.

Use the tips here to train yourself on physiology and the history of these classic jackets. Once you are content with the fundamentals, you are going to have the tools you should put money into a coat so great that the kids will be fighting it over after you are gone.

  1. The Trench Coat

The trench coat is a very long jacket that extends to the shins, is double breasted with wide lapels, and is belted at the waist. A vital feature of the trench is the numerous elements in its construction. A large part goes across the rear of the jacket to allow for more motion, and the shoulders in many cases are graced with epaulets that are ornamental.

Men's Trench Coat 2017

Trench coats followed their origins back to World War I when they were worn in. Thomas Burberry designed trench coats.

  1. The Pea Coat

The pea coat enables the wearer to transition. Shrug it on over a T-shirt and jeans and it immediately adds a part of laid-back sophistication. Wear it with a button up a pair of pants and top and it fits in seamlessly.

The pea coat is a thigh length double breasted jacket popularised by the Navy, designed to protect seamen against the biting thrill of the sea that is open. Its nautical sources have adhered, and the buttons have been engraved on by many smooth pea coats.

  1. The Car Coat

The car coat is made from thick wool and features a flat front placket over its close to protect from rain and the wind. An average car coat is thigh-length with two welt pockets and a straight collar. The kind of closing changes between buttons and a zipper, though buttons are standard.

The car coat was designed to keep motorists warm in the wind while driving open old fashioned automobiles. It’s sparse A-line cut and extended cuffs were meant to enable the full range of movement while driving.

  1. The Overcoat

The overcoat is not sophisticated in style with little ornamentation. This simplicity means that it should match nicely with most suits. Because this jacket is intended for more formal occasions, a neutral or dark colour may end up being a versatile investment. Though subtle in its styling, this classic jacket has graced most interesting characters.

Due to the fact an overcoat is meant o be worn over a regular suit, it will feature a broader reduction. Typically, a coat is built of high-quality wool materials which are designed to resist harsh weather.

  1. The Duffle Coat

This jacket typically has three to four toggles which are fastened with rope or leather loops. Its oversize hood was initially designed to permit room for a naval cap to stay on underneath. This jacket features a strap that is buttonable. A defining feature of the duffle coat is its tartan lining that is fuzzed. Modern variants of the coated finish at about hip length, although variations that first extend to the knee.

The duffle coat embraced its name in the tough and rough wool cloth it was initially made of the duffel. Like many jackets, its popularity is owed by the duffle coat in modern day trend to its military sources.


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