Wearing Denim Shirts as a Men’s Wardrobe Essential

Denim jeans and jackets usually steal a lot of attention especially as the double denim look is currently revived. However, a denim shirt has become a must in many wardrobes. As with other contemporary staples, this menswear essential boasts of their flexibility and ability to interchange through looks. This potential is enhanced by choosing the right type of shirt. To pull off a masculine and casual look, heavyweight western versions are the best pick because of their worker-wear roots.

Men denim shirts

Men denim shirts were used to be regarded as clothing for dads; however, a stylish man can surely wear them to break this stigma. Actually, it is not the shirt that provides the dad-looks but the way some individuals wear them. To make sure that you look younger than a dad as you wear a denim shirt, consider my tips below.

Men denim shirts

Wearing Denim Shirts

Denim Shirt

Blue Denim Shirt

Pairing Denim Shirts with Chinos

To make a denim shirt work in the easiest way, wear it with a pair of chino pants. A lot of people just wear one piece of denim so this can turn the look upside down. Definitely, this is quite difficult to screw up. Light brown shade chinos work well with denim shirts. In fact, the open denim shirt is great as spring or summer wear.

Pairing Denim Shirts with Chinos

denim shirt and chinos

Denim Jacket

Denim Shirt Perfect with Jeans

This pair is quite trendy nowadays. In the past years, the double-denim look was the fashion faux pas which formed the dad-look. However, fashionable men have made it work. The point is to ensure the contrast between the bottom and top piece. Make sure you put on one piece of dark denim and another one piece of light denim. Personally, I would prefer the bottom to be the ensemble’s darkest part.

Diesel Denim

Denim Shirt Perfect with Jeans


Denim Shirt with Jeans

Denim with jeans

Cardigan Pair

Adding a cardigan will ensure that you rock your denim shirt during the cold months. With this, you will feel warm and you can look really amazing if you choose the right cardigan. As the shirt is already a good statement piece, you can just put it on under a neutral cardigan. A denim shirt paired with thick knit cardigans truly provides a manly look.

Mens Denim Style

You can introduce a firm tactile element within your ensembles with the tone being set by your denim shirt. Try to come up a depth with curated layers where every piece makes use of texture as the main focus and characteristic. Pick simple and timeless colors to let the denim shirt pop underneath your dark camel blazer and grey cable knit. You can complement the shirt with a woollen pocket square with neutral supporting layers enriching it.

Denim Jacket Style

Cardigan Pair


Transitional Layering

The occurrence of the seasonal segue suggests the time to over- or under-dress. But the trick is to put on layers that can be removed easily- consider gilets, cardigans and lightweight outerwear. While a denim shirt with light wash truly works well for seasonal transitions, a white crew neck tee offers a good base layer. The top half can be completed with a knit cardigan to provide warmth and serve as a makeshift jacket.


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