Top 5 Upcoming Fashion Designers

With the constant growth in the fashion industry, every year brings the promise of new and talented designers that are ready to break into the fashion world. With these new designers come new talent and insightful ideas that continue to invigorate the ever evolving fashion world. Sky provides you with the latest and emerging news the Fashion industry. The following are top 5 upcoming fashion designers to look out for.

Liu Lu Jin

Liu Lu Jin

  • This young Chinese based fashion designer is rapidly making waves in the Chinese fashion world, and is very popular in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • She studied at New York’s prestigious fashion school of design in 2006 and then proceeded to launch her own label after she returned to Beijing.
  • She recently launched “Luvon” which has designs that have inspiration from both Beijing and New York.
  • The unique style of her designs is ideal for the modern, chic and cosmopolitan Chinese woman, highlighting the Chinese perspective of beauty. However, her designs promise to bring the same air sophistication, luxury and elegance to the world stage.

Upcoming Fashion Designers

Marissa Web

  • This Korean born designer is a disciple of J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons and is a J. Crew alum.
  • She first ventured into the fashion world after spending over ten years as a retailer at J Crew, holding various key management positions including the head of women swear and accessories design.
  • After this, she has ventured out and will launch her namesake label in the spring 2013 which entails a casual fashion line of attire.
  • She grew up as a tomboy and this is exuded in the designs which include a mix of feminine and masculine qualities. Her eagerly awaited collection designs will illustrate a playful concept of femininity while also inserting various masculinity elements.

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Simone Rocha

  • She is the daughter of renowned designer John Rocha.
  • This very talented London based designer has followed her father’s footsteps and is slowly becoming very famous in the fashion world.
  • Her designs are extremely unique and her trademarks range from angelic silhouettes that are in shades of gold and white, which are also elevated by rich and strong details such as embroidery and eyelet, plus modern materials such as Perspex and plastic.
  • Her designs are said to be playful and youthful without seeming as too quaint or twee.

Fashion Designers

Chadwick Bell

  • This Southern California designer has created the ideal menswear inspired collection that has a lot of simplicity and sophistication.
  • His designs range from chic sleek tailored jackets to luxurious tweed fabrics. He adds his own twist with minimal chic and clothes that have earthy and warm orange hues, plus maintains a uniquely American sense of style.

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Wes Gordon

  • Wes Gordon enhanced his fashion talent by enrolling in the very competitive Central Saint Martin’s University that is based in London.
  • At 25 years old, this Atlanta raised designer is already renowned and his designs are popular. His pieces currently carried in many high end stores such as Neiman Marcus, Sacs Fifth Avenue, Harrods, and Bergdorf Goodman.
  • His designs are famous for integrating both the old and new designs into versatile and clean-cut garments that carry a timeless class and elegance.
  • His unique collections speak to the quietly confident woman who desires to wear clothes that amplify her personality and identity. His pieces are appearing in many fashion publications, and are being worn by a variety of celebrities to the red carpet.


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