Top 5 clothes brands for women

There are many brands of women clothes where a women needs to select the best brand which suits her life style well. Below see an outline top 5 clothes brands for women.

1. GUCCI – This is one of the prominent brands available. it’s one of the most expensive labels in the clothing industry. it has a reputation of being prestigious and a favorite of many women across the world. The designer product includes other items that are not clothes such as eye spectacles, jewelry, cosmetics, handbags and designer shoes. Gucci range of clothes has earned a reputation of being among the top notch, luxurious and stylish clothes in the world. Many people will definitely notice it your clothes are labelled Gucci.

2. Chanel – this is a well-known brand that is highly approved by the young, rich and famous. It’s among the top elegant brands preferred by many women across the globe. Chanel brand ranges of clothes have revolutionized the way women dress. Many young girls and middle aged women are lured by this brand of clothes, which make them look prettier and fashionable. Chanel brand is a status symbol.

3. Prada- this is one of the leading Italian brands, that design the most fashionable clothes. Prada brand is popular with mostly of the Hollywood starts amongst other fashion enthusiasts. It has a well distinguished name that stands out from confidence, comfort and simplicity. This brand is known all over the world as among the most expensive brands available that provides world class clothing labels. Apart from the clothes, they also a designer perfume.

4. Armani– is one of the best brands that is affordable to many women across the globe. It’s one of the reputable brands especially in the UK market. Armani range of products caters for all ages, from kids, young girls, middle aged, to the old. In their range of products, they have include, jeans, summer clothes, winter clothes among others. You will be spoilt for choice, if you visit a shop offering Armani brands of clothes. This brand has earned admiration from fashion enthusiasts, for its range of beautiful collections. Armani brand of clothes has won many awards from various sources. It enjoys un-disputed popularity among many people. Some of the cool collections include the Gergio Armani summer collections and the popular Emporio Armani collection.
Kim Kardashian sisters shopping Marc Jacobs
5. Marc Jacobs produces some of the best women clothing available in this world. The brand is more popular amongst young women. The brand has a wealth of various varieties available in various colors, designs as well as shapes. Apart from clothing, they also produce shoes, handbags and jewelry. Their ranges of clothes are designed to suit all the seasons all year round. The women dresses in this brand can be described as truly amazing and fashionable. All the dresses are available in sophisticated designs that suit the modern women well. Most women prefer this brand due to the unique designs and patterns that are available. It’s one of the best brands in of producing cool designs.

These are few brands a women can opt but If in case you are still looking for something else ‘ you must attend any event at Prince of Wales Theatre, London, you will definitely see some of the bests brands available and select the best among them.


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