Top 5 Beard Styles for 2019

Top 5 Beard Styles for 2019

It is safe to say that man does need any reason like “No Shave November” to keep and style his beard. There are several different beard styles to look into if you are interested in giving your face a new look and feel. The modern day man believes in contemporary grooming styles without distorting the decorum of formal settings whether it is a charity event or business meeting.

Growing and experimenting with facial hair is something every man is going to do in his life- whether it is several times or just once. Others would rather flaunt their muscular development while some are content to leave their skin smooth and naked. Mustaches and beards take on never-ending forms. The way yours grow can speak volumes. It will not matter if it is shaggy or short and long and slender. It is essential that one should find an ideal style for the face that will not break his fashion quotient.

Nevertheless, in regards to facial hair style profiles, there is much more to be said. This is a guide that will provide some understanding on just what that beard may suggest about your individuality — in addition to any or all that perceived maturity and maleness, naturally.

  1. The Distinguished Gentleman (Boxed Style)

A fully grown but impeccably dressed, “old guy’s” beard has all the makings of a discerning chap who understands his place in the world. The beard does not wear him — quite the opposite, actually — nor is he concerned with the atmosphere of old adulthood that it gives. The truth is, he embraces it. With all that sophistication comes additionally an intelligent though severe, Type A eye for detail, like keeping a groomed, full of beard calls for a higher degree of attention and meticulousness.

Boxed Style


  1. The Swank (A clean neckline)

The Narcissus of facial hair, the chinstrap is almost absurd in its mirror time that is essential for the shaved regions as well as the hair has to be trimmed with extreme accuracy and preciseness.

Clean Neckline

The Swank

  1. The Shape Shifter (Trimmed Goatee)

For facial hair agnostics and commitment-phobes, the clipped goatee is a go-to, even if it is somewhat dated given its heyday reach in the mid-1990s. The bearer of fashion that is said is open to experimenting mostly because he is still figuring out his face, as well as the goatee is a holding pattern until something better comes along.

Shape Shifter

Trimmed Beard Styles

  1. The Thoughtful Creative (Trimmed Chin Line)

It is viewed as a somewhat silly afterthought by some and as a beatnik laded soul patch does not come without lots of preconceived notions appearance by others. However, not all miniature-patch-showing guys deserve such contempt. He is probably.

Trimmed Chin Line

  1. The Wild Child (All-Over Beard)

The full on scraggly, all over beard is a man who is very special not many can pull off its crazy manners. He is probably one who’s incredibly comfortable in his skin, as such facial development is frequently stereotyped as dirty and unkempt, but also a creative and unpredictable specimen, maybe a hunter or a woodsman at heart.



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