How To Tie A Men’s Fashion Scarf? 6 Classic Styles

How To Tie A Men's Fashion Scarf? 6 Classic Styles

Above and beyond a polar bear repellent and warm winter coat, a well-styled scarf is a gentlemen’s best add-on.

Most men’s scarves are approximately 70 inches long, 10 inches wide and are crafted from either patterned or solid cut of fabric designed to wrap around the neck.

For centuries scarves considered as a most prominent protection against elements but today, it is more than just a frostbite defence.

You can add boatloads of personality and charm to your look with the right knotted scarf during those unforgiving and frigid months of winter.

We have brought together five of all-time favourite “scarf knotting” ways to exemplify the classic selections a man should contemplate.

  1. Overhead Knot

It is one of the simplest scarf knots that you can learn and use. However, the only challenge with this type of knot is – you need to be careful while deciding on its length to wear. You will find this style more of the show than solving a purpose as it remains little to lose from the neck.

Men Should Wear Scarves

  1. The Connoisseur

If you are one of those people who like to enjoy the finer things in life, you must like this style. Put the scarf around your neck and make sure both its ends stay in front with even length. Now, make a single knot by laying the one end of the scarf over and under the other end. With soft hands drape the front end over the back and make sure you adjust the length as per your requirement.

cashmere tie

  1. The Harvard Man

It is a studious and elegant scarf style to have “The IVY Leaguer” look. Depending on the outfit and occasion you can go from casual day to very formal look. Also, there are two classic variations of the style: – Scarf tucked under the lapel and scarf draped over the blazer.

You can easily wear this style with a sweater and blazer or over the tuxedo.

Elegant Casual Men

  1. The Once Round

It is simple, easy and keeps you cosy. The best part about the style is it can be used for medium to long length scarf. Just take the scarf and wrap it once around your neck. It will keep the two ends of the scarf dangling.

The Once Round

  1. The Globetrotter style

Add effortless feel to your outfit with the Globetrotter scarf style. Take the scarf with one end shorter and one end lengthier. Now, wrap the longer end of the scarf around your neck and keep it dangle on your other shoulder. If the scarf is long, then make one more wrap around neck and keep it dangle back of the shoulder. In no time you will get the jet setter style.

It is one of the most admired styles in scarf knots as it goes both with formals and casuals. It also provides the crisp and clean look to the outfit.

Globetrotter scarf style

  1. Casual Scarf Knot

If you want to try the light and contemporary scarf knot, then I think it would be great if you try this style. For this style, you need a medium to long length scarf. Keep the scarf around your neck with one side long and one side little short in length. Now, take the long length end and wrap around your neck. After single cover when both ends of the scarf come at a front, bring the two ends together and twist them like two-three times.

It will give you a complete cosy comfort around the neck with the touch of style with losing twisted knot.

Casual Scarf Knot

If you have any concerns regarding styling Men’s Fashion Scarf or how to match your scarf with your formals and casuals. Just leave a comment in a box below and we will get back to you with the best styling advice.


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