How to keep yourself cool during summer season?

Summer is a season when you feel a lot of heat both physically as well as mentally. So to get rid of your mental and physical stress, you have to get some good fashion designer clothes for your summer vacation. Let us see the important features of these summer fashion designer clothes that help you to do your best.

The summer clothes are usually made of cotton. Cotton is the best cloth for making your summer days pleasurable. Cotton clothes are very thin and they allow the air to pass through them. Air circulation is very much essential for keeping yourself cool during extremely hot conditions. So what are the dress materials that men and women usually wear during the summer season? Let us see them in detail.

There are several different designer dresses for the people to spend their summer time along the seaside. There are many different types of dresses that are worn by women during summer season, especially around the seaside. Let us see what those dress materials are and how they are used by the men and women.


The most important summer fashion cloth used by the women is bikini women swimsuits. Bikini is the most famous dress worn by the women during summer season. They cover only the essential parts of the body and make the woman feel less heat. The bikinis are regarded as less cultured in some countries and women don’t wear them, but still there are certain countries where they are regarded as the best clothes for women to wear. They wear them during the summer season to allow themselves to cool down.

There is always excess heat in the atmosphere near the seashore. The reason for this excessive heat is the way in which the air circulates in the atmosphere. Hot air blows from the sea and that makes you feel more and more hot. Women’s swimsuits are best for such seasons. This is because the air on the sea gets heated up a lot because of the extreme sun which burns bright all the day. Because of that, the heat builds up and that makes the people standing on the shore of the sea also very hot.


If you want to be cool, you need to keep the following things in your mind.

1) Always wear clothes which are made of cotton fabric. Never use woolen cloths which are very hot and burn you all the time. Cotton clothes are very thin in their fabric and they allow the air to circulate between them and that helps you to stay cool and comfortable all the time.

2) Don’t use the clothes which are tight fit, because tight fit clothes don’t allow the sweat to dry properly and that makes you feel a lot uncomfortable. If the sweat doesn’t get dried up, you will feel the heat and hence it is better to avoid such clothes during summer and wear only loose clothes that allow the air to pass between your clothes and body that help the sweat to dry.

Thus you can feel comfortable and stay cool all the time by keeping the above said things in your mind.


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