4 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

4 ways to prevent hair loss

Hair loss is a very real problem that can affect anyone due to a wide array of reasons, from not getting the right nutrients into your body to regularly styling your hair with coloring and perming techniques. Although you may not always be able to keep a full head of hair, there are a number of ways in which you can prevent unnecessary hair loss.

The following 4 ways to prevent hair loss provides you with four of the most effective ways to keep your hair thick and beautiful, each of which is simple to implement and will provide you with quick results.

1. Fill Your Body With Proper Nutrition

While everyone knows that eating the right foods will keep keeping their body healthy, many overlook the fact that this also extends to the health of your hair. By eating the right foods, your hair will gain the nutrients it needs to remain strong and healthy. For instance, if you do not have enough iron in your diet, your hair will become brittle, which means that there’s a much higher chance that this brittle hair will fall out.

There are a large number of foods and beverages that you can focus on in your diet to prevent hair loss. Biotin is an important nutrient towards keeping your hair healthy and is found primarily in foods such as bananas, tomatoes, nuts, eggs, strawberries, and brown rice. When you’re searching for iron-rich foods to place in your diet, consider such foods as canned sardines, clams, oysters, cooked beans, baked potatoes, and raw spinach. Many of these same foods are also high in zinc.

In order to properly prevent hair loss with your diet, it’s also important to focus on eating foods that promote hair growth. Cysteine is an essential amino acid that’s found in the majority of proteins and can do wonders for hair growth. This amino acid is commonly found in such foods as turkey, broccoli, chicken, and eggs.

Prevent Hair Loss for Men

2. Attack the Problem Early With Plastic Surgery Solutions

One of the primary ways in which hair loss can occur is by a prolonged thinning that becomes increasingly drastic and more apparent over time. As your hair progresses through its life-cycle, the lifestyle choices you make and the medical conditions you have can cause the thinning of your hair. If left untended, some of these hairs can fall out for good. There are several different plastic surgery solutions that are safe and will help to solve these issues before your hair falls out entirely. Some of the solutions at your disposal include follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transplant, and non-surgical hair restoration that’s laser-based. Each of these methods is proven and will help you keep your hair as healthy as possible.

3. Avoid Regular Usage of Hair Styling Techniques

One of the worst ways to damage your hair and hasten the process of it falling out is by regularly using intensive hair styling techniques such as straightening and coloring, as these techniques can cause extensive damage to the health and strength of your hair. The usage of coloring and heat can cause damage to the overall quality of your hair even though they do not directly cause hair loss. When straightening, blow drying, perming, or coloring your hair, you increase the chances that the shaft will break off and cause thinning. This thinning is usually temporary and does not lead to permanent hair loss, but it’s an issue that can be avoided altogether.

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It’s also important to note that this problem worsens as you age. The rate of the growth of your hair invariably slows down as you grow older, which means that any hair that has been damaged and thinned out from heat or the application of chemicals will take longer to grow back. The optimal way to avoid the issues caused by these hair styling techniques is to only use them on an occasional basis or not at all. If you absolutely need to change the color of your hair, consider using a dye that’s designed to be temporary and uses only natural ingredients, as the chemicals inside are not as strong. Styling products that use heat should never be implemented on hair that’s still wet and should only be turned on at low or medium settings. When using these products, consider taking a three-day break at least once every two weeks in order to lessen the chances of damaging your hair.

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4. Consider Making Use of Nettle or Aloe Vera

There is a wide range of natural remedies that will assist you in the prevention of hair loss, of nettle and aloe vera, are among the most effective. Nettle is a common medicinal plant that can strengthen the capillaries within your hair and will bolster the speed at which your hair grows back. There are a couple of ways in which you can make sure that your body receives nettle, one of which is by selecting a shampoo or cream that is made with nettle and the other of which is through the usage of boiled water on your hair that contains nettle leaves.

Add several of these leaves to a cup or two of boiling water and then apply this combination to your hair when it is still damp. Soak your hair in the water for around 20-30 minutes and repeat once or twice each week. As for aloe vera, this substance can heal and repair your hair, ensuring that it doesn’t fall out. To benefit from using this plant, you must mix the gel or juice from the plant with some hot water before massaging your hair with this mixture. Follow the same steps as the nettle solution and your hair should be looking thick and lush in no time.

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