4 Ways of Minimizing Summer Damage to the Skin

As spring is about to knock on the doors, the automatically livened up and glowing skin that’s there in summers would be leaving soon. Though what’s called as the glow is basically partial tanning and hydrated skin that makes a dewy and pretty face in summers. Spring, winter and autumn, all other seasons require a greater need of care and attention to the skin for making it look lively and fresh throughout. Summer damage to the skin includes high levels of tanning, detoned body and face along with roughness and the debris formation on the outer layer of the skin. As summer makes the pores open up on the skin, dust and other particles in the air find a way to settle in forming white heads, black heads and acne for few oily skin possessors. Here are 4 ways that would completely detoxify and freshen the skin for a new season, prepping up beforehand is one of the best ways of surprising many with plump and youthful skin right at the beginning of spring-


1) Drink lots and lots of water-

The best way to detoxify skin is to have as much water as possible. It flushes out all harmful toxins from the body that make the skin look dull and lifeless. Water is the best beauty therapy that one can have, it is the cheapest and an easily available commodity that never fails to amaze people how quickly and effectively skin starts looking more hydrated and fresh. Carrying a bottle of water almost everywhere and drinking almost 10 to 15 glasses of water daily does miracles to the tired, tanned skin of summers.


2) Exfoliate with good quality scrubs-

Exfoliation is a necessity that most girls overlook. Dry skin should be exfoliated with an almond scrub or one that has natural moisture in order to avoid over drying of the skin. Oily skin should be scrubbed with lemon extracts, orange or peach as these are more oil absorbing and stronger products. Exfoliation rubs offs all dead skin and brings about consistency in the skin tone. It also makes the skin look more vibrant as all dead cells and debris is removed. It is advised to use a toner after scrubbing or exfoliating the skin as the pores open for the process slows down after toning up.

Bleach to beat brown spots

3) Apply light moisturizer before sleeping and going out-

May it be time to head out for some adventure during day time or time to hit the sacks, the skin rejuvenation process is going on and so its requirement should be fulfilled. Before sleeping, apply a night moisturizer which must be mild. It is said that during sleep skin repairs and rejuvenates itself with cell production at the highest speed. With the application of a night moisturizer the process becomes faster and the results are seen sooner. As for daytime, for protection against the sun and one tone skin, it is essential to either apply a sunscreen or moisturizer under makeup for good skin.


4) Bleach to beat brown spots-

Many beauticians claim that bleach can be harmful for the skin, especially sensitive skin on the face. This is true and applies to sub-standard products. If good products are bought with the right chemical composition, the best ones can be taken as recommendations from personal dermatologists; it can actually prove to be a great tool for reversing sun damage. With the application of bleach, brown spots formed on the skin are removed and an even skin tone is revealed as a result. Those who do exfoliate regularly as per the time period prescribed on its bottle and follow it up with bleach see really good changes and results in no time.


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