4 Types of Bags for Modern Stylish Men and How to Wear Them

4 Types of Bags for Modern Stylish Men

The topic of men wearing bags is rather controversial and it split people into two sides: the ones that mock guys for wearing “purses” and the ones defending a guy’s right to being stylish, practical and comfortable at the same time. But to be honest, there are quite many bags which fit the “manly” profile: medium to large in size, practical, resilient to shock, stains and handling and elegant enough to pass any fashion police test. We are here today to set things straight and talk about four types of bags for modern young stylish men – accompanied by some tips on how and where to wear them.

Here 4 Types of Bags for Modern Stylish Men

1. The Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase

The leather briefcase is no longer that heavy piece of gear mobsters in old movies used to carry dirty money inside, although they are still in existence. Modern business briefcases are now lighter, more modern in design, but still fashionable and practical.

  • Use a leather briefcase if you are old school at heart and love to sport a classic business suit and a matching briefcase, belt and shoes.
  • It also goes great with stylish cardigans and trench coats, even stylish fedora hats (if you want to pull off a Brando look).
  • It can work well with a casual outfit as long as you find a color scheme that compliments your personal style – in this note, pick a brown leather briefcase or a vintage one for casual chic or hipster outfits and leave the black one to those feeling traditional at heart.

2. The Leather Messenger Bag

Leather Messenger Bag

Leather Messenger Bag

You may know it under the name of “laptop bag” but it doesn’t really matter. A classy leather messenger bag is more stylish than a canvas one, which is more stylish than anything nylon you might consider wearing. These are some of the best everyday bags for men, so let’s get into details:

  • For busy businessmen, a leather messenger bag meets their needs of comfort, light and fast travel for business purposes, a staple of style and a means to find balance between fashion, comfort and utilitarianism.
  • Pick a leather messenger bag in a darker color such as black, shades of brown, grey or navy blue to send a message of seriousness.
  • Take a look at the laptop messenger bags for men on Serbags.com and pick your poison: you can opt for a full leather bag or a hip and laidback canvas leather bag if you are more of a free spirit.
  • Messenger bags go great with business suits, casual outfits, tourism travel, getaway weekends, business trips and freelance projects.

3. The Roller Suitcase

Roller Suitcase

Roller Suitcase

We won’t focus much on roller suitcases, as everyone should own one for long distance travel and long-term travel. They come in different sizes, colors and fabrics but they all have one thing in common: they make the perfect companion for plane or train trips and they are comfortable and allow you freedom of movement. Unless you pick a flashy one, you can get caught anywhere carrying one and nobody will have anything against it.

4. The Backpack



Now the backpack is a staple of young college students, hipsters and carefree young men who need to carry around everything from laptops to gadgets, paperwork, personal items and even clothes. The backpack is controversial as well unfortunately: some detractors will consider it a sign of not taking yourself seriously if you match it with a business suit, while others will frown upon the age of the man wearing one – as backpacks are associated with school mostly. However, if you are into backpacks, this is how you can be in style no matter where you go:

  • Pick one refined leather, canvas or a mix of leather and canvas backpack and wear it with casual stylish outfits.
  • Match a leather backpack in a dark color for your jeans-and-jacket outfit or for your business suit.
  • Make sure you pick one in a medium size – too small looks awkward, too big looks like you are skipping town.
  • Find one in a design that doesn’t make you look like you take second grade again – and avoid the colored ones as much as you can.
  • Urban backpacks and travel / mountain / hiking / globetrotting backpacks are two different things and you can have a piece of each, just wear them in the correct context.

These are four simple bags for men that won’t raise any eyebrows regarding your masculinity or your sense of style. Be versatile, hip and cool and remember to match the bag to the context or your goals!


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