10 Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

Contrary to popular belief, fashion doesn’t come naturally to all women. While some women are born with an innate sense of fashion, others find themselves struggling to keep up with the latest styles and trends. Having said that, it’s no secret that all women want to look fashionable and pretty, preferably at all times. However, fashion doesn’t mean the same thing for all women. For example, a woman who can carry off a mid-length skirt may long horrendous in a long one. Listed below are 10 fashion tips every woman should know.

Fashion Tips Every Woman

1. Choose quality over quantity:-

It is always best to buy one piece of quality clothing than 10 pieces of not-so-good clothing. While quality clothing is more expensive, they automatically make a woman look stylish and chic. Such clothing can always be augmented with more trendy material as time goes by since these clothing last longer too.


2. Don’t be afraid to experiment:-

Experimenting is fashions best kept secret. Many would be surprised to learn that some of the world’s most known fashion came from mere bouts of experiment. Women too should feel free to experiment not only with their looks but also with what they wear. You never know when something you thought to be very unfashionable looks fashionably good on you.

Own Fashion Statement

3. Create your own fashion statement:-

Of course it’s important that you wear clothes that are considered fashionable, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow every fashion trend that makes the round. Be bold and create your own fashion statement and this again has a lot to do with experimenting. Team up tops with jeans that others wouldn’t have thought of doing. Fusion always works well. Creating your own fashion statement goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression.

floral prints pants

4. Focus on Strengths:-

Accentuate, Balance, and Camouflage is known as the ABCs of fashion. This basically means focusing on the strengths of your both and camouflaging its weakness. For example, people with long legs should opt for skinny fit jeans that make their legs look all the more appealing. Overweight people should stay away from big floral prints which highlight their extra weight.

Fashion Statement

5. Simplicity Is Also A Fashion Statement:-

Being fashionable doesn’t mean overdressing yourself. Unfortunately, many women are under the impression that piling on heap loads of makeup and accessorizing their outfit with all the possible jewelry makes they look fashionable. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Fashion critics have always maintained that simplicity is the best fashion statement. Now, this doesn’t mean you wear a stunning dress and go to a party sans makeup. It is essential to strike a balance between what works best and what’s a bit too much.

Summer Trends

6. Overspending doesn’t guarantee Fashion:-

It’s not necessary that only the most expensive dress will only be fashionable. You can also be fashionable wearing a simple inexpensive dress. The idea is how you accessories it and carry out the entire outfit. A less expensive banana republic dress exuberates just as much fashion as does a Versace dress.

Accessorize Your Outfit

7. Remember To Accessorize Your Outfit:-

It is very important to accessorize an outfit to bring out its fashionable best. This means choosing the right pair of shoes, the right belt and purse to go with your outfit. Accessories don’t necessary mean jewelry. The key here is to know how to mix and match.

Current Fashion Trends

8. Be Aware of Current Fashion Trends:-

There’s no better way to learn about fashion than from fashion gurus. Read top fashion magazine and take tips from your favorite celebrity. Make a note of what they wear and how they do they makeup or team their accessories with their clothes. ELLE, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Allure are some great fashion magazines

Get tailor made outfits

9. Get tailor-made outfits:-

If ready-made outfits are out of your budget, you can always make a note of a design that catches your fancy and then have the outfit tailor-made. This not only saves month, but fits your body shaper perfectly as it has been made just for you.

White Gown Dress

10. Make Sure You Wardrobe Has The Fashion Basics:-

A good fitting pair of jeans, a blazer, a jumper, a little black dress, a white shirt, a leather jacket and a good pair of ballet flats are some basic fashion necessities every woman should have in her wardrobe.


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