What Does your Wedding Jewellery say About You?

Many people seem to take their wedding day so seriously that they sometimes forget it’s supposed to be a happy, joyful occasion! Here’s my unscientific analysis of wedding jewellery to take the stress out of accessorising and laugh at the wedding rush.

Packed with diamonds

You’re a woman who loves the finest things in life and you’re not afraid of a high price tag. Diamond screams high quality, so it’s obvious you have the cash to splash out on this luxury jewellery and you know you deserve it. Usually this bride is an expert at planning; no detail has gone amiss and the budget has been rigidly planned to make sure nothing could go wrong, including the jewellery choice. Diamond is classy and draws attention, but it doesn’t have to try hard, just like you.



Using colour in wedding jewellery is a risky choice. You have to match the piece with the dress, not use too much and make sure you choose just the right colour to match your overall wedding outfit. If done right, this suggests a contradiction of an impulsive accessoriser with a shrewd sense of style. You don’t mind taking risks and you like to dress to impress, however choosing colour over style suggests you express yourself up to a point, but you prefer to experiment within the realms of popular fashion.

Diamond Ring

Lots of gold

Like the metal itself, you’re often a warm person who balances a love of luxury with down to earth tastes and a hearty personality. You like to have a good time and you can be boisterous, but it’s all in the name of including others and making them feel welcome. Often you’re a motherly figure in the group and your very feminine, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t strong.


Natural materials

You’re down to earth, but you have a strong personality and you aren’t afraid to share your opinion. This is an unusual choice for a bride, so suggests either a strong tie to an ethnic background, or an attachment and respect for nature that you want to share with your guests. You don’t like to spend money on things you thing are unimportant, though what you do splash out on you expect the highest quality from.

diamonds jewellery

Lots of silver

This person likes order and tidiness. You might be a little quiet or conservative, but that doesn’t mean you can enjoy yourself. You prefer to get noticed for your own achievements and for the little details, rather than go out and demand the attention yourself. A silver jewellery wearer might prefer to save their money for the important things and always thinks about the practical things. Often a good planner, you sometimes forget about yourself while you’re looking after everyone else. Someone who prefers silver with coloured stone might have a hidden passionate side they want to let out!


This is a very strong look from a very confident woman. You know you don’t need jewellery to feel fabulous and you’d rather plash out on the vitals instead. You’ve got a strong personality, though that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ‘in your face’. This bride has a strong sense of her own beliefs and doesn’t wind showing it, modest but attention grabbing, outwardly controlled, but may hide a few secrets only her friends could know.

Crazy Designs

A bride who loves a lot of jewellery with unique style loves her individuality and doesn’t want to sensor herself; why should she if she’s surrounded by friends? Strong on the outside, this bride may secretly like re-assurance one in a while, but as long as she’ around people who understand her you’d never know. You might like a bit of attention and controversy but you accept that people can be crazy sometimes; you can’t deny you have those moments yourself!


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