Practical Ways to Dress up Your Little Black Dress

The Little black dress is an essential piece in every stylish woman’s wardrobe. It’s a versatile and timeless piece that you can mix and match with other fashion garments and accessories. Here are some practical tips to glam up your little black dress, whether sheath, cocktail, or sundress.

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Bedazzle With Jewelry to Liven Up the Little Black Dress

The easiest way to complement your little black dress is to wear jewelry. Your little black dress is a good canvass to show off your standout jewelry pieces. You sparkling stones and stylish metal works are noticed best when set on black garments. Pearls are best worn with a shift dress.Choose a necklace that fits the neckline style of the dress. Try wearing a nice brooch and other jewelry pieces for a dash of flavor or liven up with bold earrings that are perfect for evening soirees.

Jewelry to Liven Up the Little Black Dress

Throw a Tailored Blazer over Your Little Black Dress

For a day to night outfit metamorphosis, a tailored blazer is your best tool to match with your little black dress.Choose a piece with fun texture and details.

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Match With a Pair of Flattering Shoes

Most, if not all, women adore shoes. It’s no secret that shoes glam up any outfit.They change the look and add contrasting style or color to your little black dress. This is a good excuse to add to your shoe collection. You can show off a good pair of shoes with a little black dress. For a more casual look, choose black flats. You can also choose other neutral colors or bright ones to add a dash or boldness. For evening events, go for adorned platforms and pumps. Brightly-colored pumps like red and blue also work well and add a bit of flavor to your outfit.

Pair of Flattering Shoes

Wear With Hosiery

Stockings are a good fashion element for colder days.It adds style to your total package. Your LBD will look dressier with stockings.If your legs are not hairless and moisturized well, using stockings could be your quick fix when wearing your little black dress.Avoid open-toed shoes. For an evening wear, pair your LBD with nylon stockings. They make you look more polished.

Golden Belt With Black Dress

Add a Belt to the Black Dress

A nicely matched belt can be the icing on the cake when accessorizing your little black dress. It is the universal accessory because it’s great to use day or night, formal or casual. It also adds shape to your little black dress and helps tone down the belly bumps. Explore texture and pattern.

Scarf With Little Black Dress

Add a Scarf for an Interesting Twist

Your little black dress fits all occasions – casual dates, evening cocktail parties, weddings, etc. To spice up your plain black dress, a great way is to match with a scarf. I like the silk and chiffon scarves best. They make a romantic addition to the dress. Prints should match other elements added to the dress like the jewelry and the belt.

Handy and Stylish With a Bag

Go Handy and Stylish With a Bag

A black dress goes with nearly everything, including a stylish bag. Any bag will surely get attention when wearing a little black dress. Choose a color, texture, and print that complement your dress well. For evening events, select a small lovely clutch bag with sparkling materials like sequins, shiny fabrics, and stones.For a casual day look, a good quality leather hand bag is a good choice.

Up do with a Pumped-Up Hairdo

If you don’t want to pile on jewelry and other accessory, have some pumped-up styling with your hairdo. A well-done and stylish hairstyle can also glam up your little black dress. Add some volume with big waves or perm or add sophistication and a vintage vibe with an Audrey Hepburn-inspired hairstyle. Eyes will instantly be drawn to your hair when wearing a little black dress.

Your plain little black dress is a classic piece that’s perfect for any occasion. It is a good canvass piece to accessorize and layer with other fashionable finds.


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