Essentials of a True Fashionista

This isn’t going to be your ordinary fashion checklist.

No, we’re not going to talk about your little black dress, and neither will we make you feel awful because of some style magazine that labeled your favorite get-up as a fashion faux pas.

True fashion makes you walk into a room and turn heads not because your style is a complete checklist of “must have’s before you reach 40” but because you have the right attitude that brings your fashion sense beyond what is only skin-deep.

Take a good look at what it really takes to make you a true fashionista.

To Smell Good

Smoking RAW photography

Of course you must already have a drawer filled with perfume bottles sorted out for every occasion, so we’re not going to dwell on what you already have.

• Learn to smell good without having to spend up for designer perfumes that get their name for their long-lasting effects. If you want what truly lasts, check out your lifestyle.
• Do you smoke? Are your weekends filled with trips to the bar to de-stress?

No amount of perfume can cover up the smoker’s stench and the alcohol lover’s characteristic nasty aroma. If you find yourself having to spray every now and then to mask your morbid natural scent, now is the time to think about clean living not only for your scent’s sake but for your health’s sake.

The true fashionista knows how to smell clean and fresh without perfume having to save the day.

To Look Good


We won’t be talking about clothes here. Because the true fashionista will look good with or without them.

We also won’t be pushing you to work your sanity out to achieve a runway-worthy body. Because really, you won’t be walking runways out there. You’ll be running errands to maintain a household, rushing off to work, and skipping “me” time to help the kids with homework.

Your “To Look Good” kit won’t be something you’ll keep in your walk-in closet. It’s going to be of vegetables, of fruits, and of everything else you need to maintain a decent body that doesn’t need the complement of clothes and accessories.

• Fill your kitchen with the healthy stuff and watch what you eat. You’re not going to count every calorie you take in. All you have to do is make sure you’re eating whatever is healthy; whatever keeps your body well.
• Once in a while, pamper yourself without having to shock your pocket on spa services by researching on home-made pamper recipes where ingredients can be found in your very own kitchen.
• Mix your own healthy formula to indulge in a foot soak to pamper your worn feet, a relaxing facial mask to ease the tension from a day’s work, a soothing body wrap to get rid of impurities, and a rejuvenating bath to clear your mind and senses.

Not even cosmetics can beat the radiant glow of someone who is nourished and pampered naturally. Take care of your body and it shall do the same for you.

To Feel Good

2/365 Days - Pen and Paper

A journal, a self-help book, and a regimen for regular exercise are some things you should consider as you keep up in the world of fashion. You may just be wondering what all these things have to do with being a fashionista.

At least every 3 years (yes, it’s a cycle), most women waste thousands of dollars on apparel they wear only once or worst – never. Also, women only find 2 out of 10 clothes in their closet useful.

Fashion statements vary and change in a blink of an eye, and if you aren’t standing on your own firm ground, you’ll find yourself part of this group of women who get swayed by the fashion industry then still end up being insecure about every inch of their body.

• Set your own limits.
• Know how to make use of whatever you have and what you can afford.
• Avoid impulse buying and instead keep a journal of things you want. Check your written list after a while and chances are, you’ll realize you really don’t need at least half of those on your list.
• Strengthen your confidence and character. Keep a favorite book that helps you develop inner wellness and peace.
• Release your happy hormones through exercise.

Confidence is a great key in nailing any fashion statement, so by all means, aim to feel good about your entire being.

To Do Good

Okay, so you’re really going to have to shop once in a while – that’s inevitable. How about shopping for a cause?

• Check out garage sales where income goes to charity.
• Browse through online shops that consider your payment as a donation to some cancer foundation. This list could go on.

Just imagine how it would feel to wear something that has helped save a life.

The true fashionista turns heads by walking inside a room exuding with grace that emanates from within. The true fashionista radiates a positive vibe that infects everyone along her way. The true fashionista isn’t a victim of fashion, but rather, utilizes fashion to make the world a better place.

Ella Simpson has been formulating her own body wrap formulas for home use to achieve inner beauty. She shares her products through WrapYourselfSlim and her DIY body wrap ideas through her book “Wrap Yourself Slim – Body Wraps Exposed.”


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