Curly Bottom Flower Girl Dress

One of the most popular kinds of flower girl dresses on the market right now are the Curly Bottom layered skirt flower girl dresses. They are extremely popular in weddings all around the globe.

When you start to examine all of the elegant features that the dress boasts, you begin to understand why so many brides have fallen in love with this particular style of flower girl dress and have chosen it as the down that the young ladies who are their flower girls will wear as they walked down the aisle ahead of them, sprinkling rose petals.

Here are just a few of the elegant details that make the Curly Bottom dress so special.

– The bodice of each dress is made of satin in order to achieve a rich look, full of shine and soft to the touch. The construction of the bodice is sleeveless in order to add to the classic and timeless elegance of the design.

– The skirt is constructed of 4 layers to create a full and ethereal effect. The outer 2 layers create the angelic appearance with tulle and the inner two layers are comprised of soft lining, and stiff crinoline to add fullness.

– The skirt of each Curly Bottom flower girl dress features miniature organza and sateen flowers which coordinate with the color of the bodice of the gown.

– There is organza flower detailing at the waist, as well as a satin ribbon which is meant to be tied in a bow at the back. The bow in the back is reminiscent of formal gowns for young ladies throughout history and adds even an additional touch of elegance and high fashion.

– The dress is tea-length (which means it falls mid-way between the knee and the ankle) and features a hidden zipper in the back. Every detail of the pattern of the dress was thought through with painstaking care, leaving no loose end whatsoever, even down to the zipper being concealed.

– There are matching headpieces for Curly Bottom dresses that are sold separately. These headpieces, which are decorated with the same flower ornaments which adorn the skirt portion of the dress, are a fabulous accessory which adds depth and interest to the outfit as a whole.

– Curly Bottom flower girl dresses come in a variety of colors. Available shades include black, ivory, red, teal, yellow, royal blue, light pink, fuscia, sky blue, peach, purple, and green.

There is no way that any little girl could wear one of these dresses and walked down the aisle as a flower girl feeling like anything less but the most beautiful princess. Certainly, a wedding day belongs to the bride — but when you dress your adorable little girl in one of these amazing Curly Bottom flower girl dresses, she will get to feel like a little bit of the day belongs to her as well.

The bride may be the Queen for a Day, but in a Curly Bottom flower girl dress, your little angel will be the Princess.


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