Choose the Right Color of Clothes

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat” is just the same as “You are what you wear”. Absolutely. Undoubtedly. Precisely. It is definitely one of the most powerful ways in expressing oneself without uttering even a single word. It is the color, style and design that produce non-verbal cues in communicating to the people surrounding you. As it speaks loudly, you need to be conscious on the color of the clothes you choose to wear. Given this, you may need to overview the meaning of these colors to help you choose the right one.

Red is the sign of passion

Let’s see into which color your personality belongs.

Red is the sign of passion, vitality and enthusiasm. As it is considered to be a loud color, it symbolizes vibrant energy. It may be paired with black or white pants and black or white skirts.

Orange Clothes

Orange expresses one’s creativity and playfulness. It may describe one with real sense of humor going with a very well-balanced personality who can laugh just about anything without losing his or her focus.

Blue Clothes

Blue, as we all know, is the color of sky and ocean. Thus, it expresses spiritual depth. It has always been connected with knowledge and deep humility. Wearing a solid blue color or anything with a blue design shows one is gentle yet equipped with profound knowledge.

Yellow Clothes

Yellow signifies clarity and orderliness. It shows good decision skills as it is associated with majesty and wisdom.

Green is nature. Green is life. Therefore, it connotes harmony and abundance. Wearing green may show deep connection with environment and someone who has full of life.

Kim Green Dress

Violet goes for divinity and spiritual mastery. As you may find it in different shades, it imposes different meanings as well. Darker shades may be associated with sorrow; deep purple for high spiritual attainment; pale lilac for humanitarian love and bluish purple for idealism.

As obvious as it may seem, white comes with the word “purity” and “serenity”. White can suit most happy events and celebrations. Contrasting white, black may signify death. However, black has been very popular in fashion world simply because of its unique richness and elegance.

As clothes express one’s personality, not everyone is aware of it. One must know some of these simple facts: If you wear clothes with very short pieces, too tight and very low neckline, then you must be portraying someone who has low self-esteem. If you wear something elegant, people around you will treat you with greater respect as you will be viewed as responsible and higher self-esteem.

The meaning of colors is truly amazing. You may enhance your self-image just by simply choosing the right color. These non-verbal cues have the power to highlight your very own good traits by expressing it effortlessly.

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