6 Trends for Men to follow this summer

Fashion trends of the year suggest that may it be men or women; there are hot ins and outs that have been passed by the trend setters for the year. Winter season was all about covering up with stylish jackets and mufflers and high length boots all hued in dark colours. Summer season has its own set of fashion statements this year which have been highlighted below-

1) Military Print-

Men should know the camouflage effect is very popular these days, designers and big labels have been inducing the military print with the effect on uppers and pants. The stripes and patch work with studded beads may sound feminine but actually the implemented final designs are sturdy and stylish at the same time. Not only are those out in jackets and pants, but complementing sneakers are also available that complete the entire look of the attire. It is a must try on for sunny evenings and parties at night to stand out and carry off the latest looks.

Military Pants

2) Printed in stripes-

Once the season was in for plain shirts and T-shirts, now stripes are back with a bang. May it be any form of stripes, on shirts, pants or uppers, sleek looking stripes not only make men look slimmer and forward but also create the look which is suitable from day through night. Colour combinations may be chosen according to the comfort zone of men, but airy and summery shades in collar shirts are in for office wear and dark and strong shades are in for evening wear.

3) Baseball Jackets on the roll-

Last year had seen all about varsity jackets and hybrids, 2013 is more about baseball jackets. Blues and purples have been seen all around the high end circle of Hollywood this year making fashion statements that men are bound to follow. Evening wear with baseball jackets are in and may it be a drinks round or a sports event, flaunting the jacket correctly can easily make one stand out apart in a crowd without doing much.

gladiator sandals

4) Gladiator Sandals-

For summers the best footwear that is available and also in fashion is the gladiator sandals. These are most famously known as the greek sandals as well. Mens greek sandals are very stylish and can be adorned with khakis, shorts or three quarters for donning the perfect summer look required to steal the show. One should add at least a pair of these gladiator sandals as it is a must have for the men who have outdoor activities during the day and night time. The design is summer friendly as the it allows movement of air as well.

5) Neon Colours-

Soft and subtle colours that were on the hype during spring are now not in the swing anymore. The colours that are on the high for men include neon colours in bright shades these can be made or associated in clothes or little swatches of it on the shoes or sneakers for the perfect summer look. May it be office shirts or evening t-shirts, the colours splashed in add on to the positivity and up to date outlook according to the season.


6) Ethnic influence on the wardrobe-

One of the most popular influences this season on men’s wardrobe is the ethnic influence. Printed shirts with v-necks paired with white or beige pants and gladiator sandals or textured sneakers are the marking points for the season. This along with criss cross laced tunics in brown and beige should be incorporated in the wardrobe, the twist added in the wardrobe with such designs are a must to upgrade to trends that are not too expensive yet high street fashion friendly.


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