5 Men’s Winter Style 2015/2016

5 Men's Winter Style 2015/2016

Winter 2015 is set to be stylish that is for sure. From Bordeaux-based palettes, luxurious furs to neo-seventies revival will be seen in fall/winter 2015-16 menswear fashion trend . The conventional genre of British attire will experience a transformation this season inspired by French and Italian Fashion houses.

  1. Add the shearling effect in your wardrobe

Nicely-built outerwear is the one most significant improvement to your wardrobe once the wind gets bouncy as well as the leaves begin to yellow.

Swearing heat (this is, all things considered, the sartorial equivalent of a sheepskin carpet, faux or not) and an atmosphere of Steve McQueen. A shearling coat seems just as attractive thrown over a simple T-shirt and jeans combo as it does on a button down Oxford and jumper pairing.

Better blow off shearling completely and pick up a subpar fashion that may help you save a couple hundred but seems unquestionably bargain basement.

Men's Grey Shearling Jacket

Vintage Shearling jacket

  1. The unbeatable style of trail jackets

The trail coat is nonchalant little brother and the entertaining of the iconic North Face Denali jacket. Having a concentration on practical details and materials that are comfy, the newest interpretation takes an infinitely more directional strategy as opposed to sporting goods store sort of days. Spray painted polar fleece creates a new aspect for Sherpa solid materials while faux feels that are printed can mimic other conventional appearances as well as suiting materials.

trail jackets


  1. You would regret if you do not put the “Green” in your fall/winter 2015/2016 collection

To say military’s trending in menswear is a bit like labeling the Pope a Catholic: to practical details from reductions, battlefield uniforms came to place the base of the modern wardrobe.

But this season it was not buttoned cuffs and epaulets that reinforced the military-menswear connection, but the color of fatigues.

With colors to match every skin tone, green’s worth setting in the center of your cold weather appearances. Put it to use to pull neutrals like gray, beige and black together, or match it with complementary colors like navy and burgundy.

To get a small opulence which will get eyes but will not lift eyebrows, attempt jade and emerald for much more proper appearances.

Green Jacket

military trench

  1. The never-ending charm of Intarsia Sweater

Jumpers do not have to be dull and basic. Far-Out intarsias breathe new life. While pop culture cues like all over animals pop art and marketing contours, and text messaging motifs are particular to make a conversation for a wearer. Pieced Patterns lead to a manly artisanal patchwork effect, and details like shoulder button closes evolve a very time-honored silhouette.

Intarsia pullover sweater

Intarsia Sweaters

  1. Graphic knitwear

Gentlemen, please show the door to your statement sweatshirt, – it is time to get acquainted with the all-new lineup of knits that are punchy.

The fall/winter 2015’s runways were awash with graphical knitwear, proposing a new, considerably smarter choice to the slogan-emblazoned sweatshirt that is ruled supreme in recent seasons.

To actually require this craze from the horns, decide on a multicolored fashion as the focus of your appearance, encompassing your knit with pieces that are relatively sober to actually play up its impression.


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