4 Fashion Tips for The Plus Size Woman When Shopping

Any woman that considers herself plus size, which is anything that’s size 14 and over will often have problems trying to find clothes that are modern, stylish, and sexy. These days designers are paying more attention to full figured women clothing more than ever before.

Designers are designing clothing just for full figured women that have interesting colors, stylish patterns, and still be comfortable at the same time. If you are a plus sized woman and you are ready to embrace plus size fashion check out these tips.

Plus Size Fashion

Avoid Tight Clothing

When you are a plus size woman you have to stay away from tight clothing. Clothes that are too tight can put all of your extra bumps, lumps, and rolls on display for everyone to see. Instead, look for stylish wide legged pants that will keep you comfortable and be forgiving when it comes to your rolls and bulges.

Fashion Tips for The Plus Size Woman

Look for fabrics that stretch, and clothes that fit slightly under your natural waist so they accentuate your curves. Capri pants are a good choice for plus size women, as they come in various shapes, and have drawstrings that will allow you to stretch them to fit your legs and waist properly. Capri pants can be adjusted very easily to fit almost any size.

Avoid Anything That Can Hang

When you are full figured woman clothing that hangs off of you won’t flatter the shape of your body very well. Things like ruffles, drapes, and layers should be avoided, as they’ll just make you look even larger.



Fashion designers have been paying a lot more attention to plus size women by manufacturing dresses that help accentuate the figure of big women. Go for a low cut dress that will show a little cleavage if you have a large bust.

If you have nice legs go for a dress that is cut right above the knee so you can show them off. Wear a nice pair sheer stockings with your dress and you will have a great look.


Capris or Cut Off Pants

Most plus size women tend to avoid shorts because even though they would love to show off some leg, they don’t want to show too much. Capris and cut off pants solve this problem because they reach down below the knee and look very stylish.

Plus Size Woman Fashion

Forget about the baggy jeans and large tent looking shirts. These days there are many designs and stylish clothing that are designed to fit and flatter plus size women.

Above anything else you should always make sure you are comfortable at all times while still looking fashionable. These tips outlined above will help you to accomplish just that.

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